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Alligator Aquatics Swimming offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of Alligator Swimming to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.

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Alligator Program Descriptions

Conditioning Program

New this fall 2018, a Conditioning program is being offered for novice swimmers who are looking for a transitional program that will enhance their stroke technique, and teach them the basics of competitive training.  Meets are not required, but swimmers are welcome at our home meets, and will have time trial swims at practice in order to track progress.  There must be a minimum of 6 swimmers enrolled for the class to be held. 

Conditioning 1: Transitional program for swimmers age 9-11. Swimmers those are not ready to swim on a competitive team, but want to learn the basics of the 4 competitive strokes and develop an aerobic base.

  • Two 1 hour practice sessions a week will be offered.

Conditioning 2: Transitional program for swimmers age 11-14. Swimmers that are not interested in competing, but want to develop their knowledge of the 4 competitive strokes and their aerobic base.

  • Two 1 hour practice sessions a week will be offered.

Age Group Team

Green Gators: Developmental swimmers ages 5-8 yrs. Practices will be 85% stroke correction and 15% training. This level is pre-competitive. Swimmers may swim in meets upon discussion and agreement with the coaches, however competition is not expected.

  • 2 practices a week are recommended.

Silver Gators: Swimmers ages 9 and under. Practices will be between 30% - training and 70% stroke corrections depending on the swimmer's ability. This level is early-competitive. Attending the Alligator meets is all that is expected. Additional meets are optional and should be discussed with the coaches.

  • 3 practices a week are recommended.


Gold Gators: Swimmers ages 10 and under, and 11 year olds newer to the sport of swimming.  The focus in practice will be 40% stroke correction and 60% training. These swimmers should have grasped the basics of swimming and be legal in all four of the competitive strokes. This level is expected to attend one meet a month.

  • 3 to 4 practices a week are recommended.


Blue Gators: Swimmers ages 11-12 (exceptions are rare, but considered by the head coach, for swimmers with unique circumstances).  The focus in this group is age group appropriate conditioning. Progression through this group takes a swimmer from solid age group practices to more focused, age group competitive conditioning. Swimmers are expected to commit to training on a regular basis, as more advanced methods of training are introduced at this level.  This level is expected to attend a minimum of one meet a month and any upper level swim meet for which a swimmer qualifies.

  • 3 to 4 practices a week are recommended.


Senior Gators: Swimmers ages 13 and over (exceptions are considered for swimmers with 11/12 age group state cuts and a high level of training integrity).  This group will work on conditioning and technique.  Training at this level ranges from HS conditioning to more advanced over all, and swimmers will practice at an appropriate level for their ability. The focus in this group is to prepare swimmers for HS swimming, and for college swimmers desiring basic summer conditioning. This level is expected to compete in the Alligator home meet, and at least 1 additional meet in the SC season.  They are expected to swim in any upper level meet for which they qualify.

  • 4 to 5 practices a week are recommended


X-Treme: This group is by Head Coach Approval Only. The focus of this group is aimed at swimmers ages 14 and over. As of 9/1/2018, only swimmers 14 and over will be considered.  (Exceptions may be made for swimmers age 13 with 3+ state cuts).  In order to move to X-Treme, athletes must have demonstrated a high level of training integrity, self-discipline, and positive work ethic. Attendance is expected at 90% of practices unless excused by the Head Coach. These swimmers are focused on reaching High School State and National level competitions. Championship meet participation is required. On-going communication with the Coach Mary is required.

  • Swimmers not holding true to the X-Treme standards will be placed in the Senior training group for a minimum of a 1 week period. Reassessment will be done at that time.

  • 2 practice suits must be worn at all practices

  • This group will have a limited number of athletes – College swimmers will not be a part of our capped limit.


Please Note ~ Swimmers age as of June 1st (LCM season) or December 1st (SCY season) determines level placement. Level changes within the season are allowed ONLY with Head Coach approval.  Fees will be adjusted accordingly. Each returning swimmer must register in the level assigned by the Head Coach. New athletes, please sign up for the level that best suits your child.  If you are unsure which level is most appropriate, please contact Head Coach to discuss, email . All swimmers will be reviewed during the first week of practices to assure their group placement is a good fit.


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