Frequently Asked Questions 


What is the procedure for joining the Counsilman Center Swim Team?
If you would like to join CCIST, you must complete a swim assessment. Assessments are conducted by appointment only. Please email the HEAD COACH or call the office at 812-856-7160 to set up an assessment. In order to accommodate new swimmers with the least amount of disruption to established groups, new swimmers may be asked to wait until the start of the next month to join in practices

What is the minimum requirement for team participation?
The minimal requirement for entry level on the team consists of being able to swim 25 yards of freestyle with proper breathing technique unassisted and 25 yards of backstroke.




Who will be coaching my child?
The coaches are assigned to specific practice groups by our head coach. You may email our head coach with any coaching questions or concerns.  Our coaches do work jointly for the whole team. Occasionally, due to absence or other conflict, a different coach may assigned to cover the practice.

How do I contact my coach?
Contact information for the coaches can be found by clicking the Contact your Coach button on the right hand side of the home page.



What if I can’t make the recommended practices per week?
We believe attendance is one of the keys to successful swimming. You should make every effort to be at all practices. Should you have an emergency or appointment that necessitates missing a session, try to let the coach know in advance.

How do I find the practice schedule for my group?
Either click on the Practice Calendars tab along the top of the home page or the Practice Calendar button on the right hand side. Select your group from the drop down menu. You may view in month or list. Ensure you are on the correct month/year. Hover over the day you want to look at and a more detailed description will appear.
Where do we get our practice equipment and what do we need?
Your coach will let you know if any specific equipment is necessary. You can order equipment on-line through our Gear Store on our Home Page (Contact Office for Password)
Where can parents sit during practice?
Parents do not need to be at practice but are welcome to stay and watch. Please wait until the end of practice if you have questions or comments for the coach. Parents will be asked to sit in the bleachers during all practices. Parents will only be allowed on deck if they are volunteering for a meet and they have been asked to come down on deck by a coach, or if there is an emergency.
Please review the Parent Code of Conduct
Is there transportation available?
You are responsible for your own transportation to practice and to meets. You are welcome to form a carpool with other swimmers, but this is done at your own discretion. CCiST is NOT responsible for transportation issues at any time. Looking for a car pool buddy? click here
Where and when are the swim meets?
The Meet Calendar will be updated frequently based on the Indiana Swimming website. What to bring to a swim meet and new parent guide to swim meets may be useful reads.
Can I pick my own events for a swim meet?
No, the coaches will determine what events you will swim at each meet.  They will discuss this with you before the meet.  You are responsible for letting the coaches know what days of each meet you are available to attend.
Do I pay for Swim Meet Entries?
Yes, you are responsible for swim meet fees. The fees will be added to your account once the Club has submitted the final entry to the host team. We reserve the right to restrict meet entries to those whose accounts are in good standing only.  

We are new to the sport of swimming. What do we need to do to better understand the sport?
You are welcome to ask the coaches or staff of CCiST about any part of our program or swimming in general. We also have a large parent group who are willing to help you in any way they can.  

Some helpful links: Indiana Swimming and USA Swimming these websites are great resources for new swim parents.


Each year coaches select team swimwear.  We try to have our apparel partner at the Intrasquad Meet that is held at the beginning of each season.  They will be on hand to answer questions parents may have about swim wear and team apparel and will have samples there for your swimmer to try on. They also carry googles and practice suits. 
What type of swim suit should be worn during practice or meets?
Swimmers will need a competition-style swimsuit for meets. Any suit will be fine for practice.  
BOYS: Jammers or Speedo brief style;
GIRLS: one-piece suit with shoulder straps.
Discounted swimwear is available on our Gear Store located on our Home Page.

The only form you will specifically need to bring from home is a copy of your birth certificate. All forms for membership are available at the CCiST office. You may print them from the website under the REGISTRATION FORMS tab to speed the registration process.  

Are there scholarships available?
We have a few scholarships available each season. Scholarships are season specific.  When on scholarship above average attendance is expected for swim practices. Parents are expected to volunteer when opportunities arise. If you have a financial difficulty, please speak with the office at 812-856-7160 or fill out the scholarship form located on our REGISTRATION FORMS page.

I’m starting late in the Season - do I pay the full amount?
We will prorate your dues to the nearest week at registration. The USA swimming registration fee cannot be discounted. We do not prorate fees for non-attendance or short vacations (less than one month).
How do I pay my Bill?
Invoices are sent out to those accounts with a balance. You can mail a check made out to INDIANA UNIVERSITY to the Lockbox Address provided on your IU Invoice or you can pay by credit card online. We accept all major credit cards at this time.  (This may change at any time in accordance with IU Policy)  
Your online account allows you to view all charges invoiced to your account and see any payments you have made (payments made will be delayed until everything clears the IU system).
Accounts with overdue balances of 6 months or more will be sent to collections. The account holder(s) is responsible for any fees incurred from the collection agency.



Do I need a USA Swimming registration every season? No, but you will need one every year. 

USA REGISTRATION FORMS are usually collected in the fall and are valid until the end of the following  year. New swimmers who join throughout the year will complete the form for processing at the time they join.  All swimmers are required to be registered with USA Swimming – no exceptions. This is a separate fee from the Team dues.

SUMMER SEASONAL REGISTRATION FORMS are available for those swimming only in the Summer.

What if I am registered with another team?
If you are currently attached to a team other than CCiST. You will complete a USA SWIMMING TRANSFER FORM, and pay a nominal fee. Once the form is processed, you will be unattached from any team for 120 days from your LAST DATE OF COMPETITION WITH THE OLD TEAM. If you are still attached to a team but have not competed with that team in over 120 days, your transfer will be immediate.

What does unattached mean?
Unattached means you are unable to represent the new team because of the USA swimming transfer policy. You are still able to practice with and compete with CCiST, but you will be swimming unattached. Your CCiST coaches will still be coaching you at the meet.




Is there a parent board?
We do not have a "governing board of parents" but we have many parents who collaborate with the club and present ideas to the coaching staff and administration. We also have a group of parents who are responsible for arranging all group events for our swimmers and a group of parents who do fundraising for the club.  Don't hesitate to join in a discussion.

Are there monthly parent meetings?
Because CCiST is a coach ran club, we do not have monthly parent meetings.  We will have meetings at various times throughout the year to prepare for special events, fundraising efforts, plan fun days for our swimmers and when we host guest speakers or specialists.


Information is commonly posted to the news section of this website. You can 'Like Us' on Facebook for updates, articles, photos and other information.  You may also inquire through the office for assistance in sending a mass email to all of our parents or just to your swimmers group.




How do you become a swim official?
If you wish to become an official, please go to the Indiana Swimming site for more information. Officials must be certified by USA Swimming through Indiana Swimming.



If you do not find the answer you are seeking here on this site, please call the CCiST office at (812) 856-7160 or use the Contact US button on the left hand side of the home page. We will be happy to assist you. You may also visit the Our Coaches page to find email addresses for our coaching staff.