Swim Kit Advice

Recommended Kit

Equipment is necessary and required when training, kick boards and pull buoys have no requirement but we would suggest the following recommended brands for snorkels, fins, paddles and goggles:



  • Paddles: ‘Stroke Maker’ paddles appropriate size, with removable wrist strap


Goggles can be chosen based on the preference of the use but please bear in the mind the following when choosing the best goggle. Please do not purchase the cheapest pair, they will fall apart.

“Racing goggles need to be hydrodynamic, with a lens that fits cleanly into the socket, and without any protruding pieces that will catch water. Most goggles these days are very hydrodynamic, and there isn't much difference between practice goggles and racing goggles in this area. Small and curved lenses generate the least drag in the water.”


Most basic equipment can be found at most sports suppliers on island however when purchasing club costumes by AGON and team clothing please speak to Adrien Royston.  If you cannot find the equipment you are looking for or correct sizes, we suggest using