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Event Support Information

 Event Support Information

FAST is known for hosting high-quality competitions. Our hosted meets usually fill up and teams are turned away. Teams travel to our competitions from out of state. It is not unusual to see teams from Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Iowa, and Missouri at FAST-hosted events. Experienced workers are essential to the success of FAST-hosted meets. Hosting these invitational meets provides our athletes with high-quality competition, while minimizing travel expenses for our families.


Event Support Requirements

For every FAST-hosted invitational, each family is required to provide event support for at least 3 sessions per meet, regardless of whether or not your swimmer(s) are participating. Families are strongly encouraged to work the sessions. However, if families are unwilling or unable to provide support, they can “Hire a Sub”. If notice is provided in time for FAST to hire replacements, the cost is $25 per session. After 3 hires at the $25 rate per year per family (September – September), the cost increases to $50 per session. The “Hire a Sub” option is available in the event support job sign-up that is created for each hosted meet. Families who fail to sign-up or do not show up for their shifts are automatically assessed a financial penalty of $75 per session. This ensures that FAST can provide adequate staffing at our hosted meets and achieve our budget goals.


Event Support Position Descriptions

Admissions – Sell admissions and heat sheets;  Depending on the meet, may also sell and distribute meet spirit wear.

Head Timer – Supervise the timers and operate extra stopwatches for back up.   Requires experience and training. 

Timer – Run a stopwatch and plunger (back up timing device) and manually record times on timer sheets.  

Relief Timer – Fill in for timers that need a break.

Security – Enforce the pool deck restrictions, monitor admissions and maintain order in the swimming venue.   

Announcer – Operate the public address system, announce events, heats and results. 

Concessions – Sell food and drinks at the concession stand.   

Hospitality - The hospitality area is for coaches, volunteers and officials.  Put out food, keep the area clean and run food and drinks onto the pool deck.

Deck Runner - Pick up the timer sheets from each lane after each event and give them to the head table.  Requires walking on the pool deck, wear comfortable, non slip shoes.

Copy / Post  - Assist with copying and posting heat sheets and meet results.   Requires walking on the pool deck, wear comfortable, non slip shoes.

Awards – Work the awards table, placing labels on awards and sorting and distributing them to team envelopes and FAST swimmer files.  Refill heat winner buckets as needed.  

Computer Daktronics Timing Equipment Operator -  Work at the head table running the timing console and computer.  Must have previous training.    

Computer Operator / Meet Manager – Work at the head table on the computer to run the meet software.  Must have previous training.     

Scratch Table - Monitor scratch sheets during prelims sessions for swimmers wanting to scratch from finals.

Meet Set-up and Clean-up – Responsible for setting up and/or breaking down all equipment required to run the meet and general clean up of the pool deck and surrounding areas.

Floater – Work any position that is needed.

Event Support Check In - Check in people as they arrive for their event support shifts and make sure they know where they need to be and what they are doing.   Make sure all critical positions are filled before the meet starts. 

Officials – Referee for swimming, must have current certification with USA Swimming.

Deck or Warm-up Pool Marshal -  Monitor warm up lane and/or pool to make sure swimmers are abiding by the rules.


If you have any questions about any of these positions, please don't hesitate to contact our Event Support Coordinator, Lisa Fero.