Code Of Conduct
Code of Conduct

·          Strive to make every swimming activity serve as a training ground for life, be there to support your child’s education in the experiences as you are in all other endeavors. 

·          Constructive criticism is encouraged-please offer it, when you have it, in as positive a manner as possible and in private.

·          Respect the integrity of the judges, officials, and referees by accepting their decisions.

·          Promote good sportsmanship conduct by example first, by helping others to remember it second.

·          Assist coaches in their difficult task of running practices and meets by making sure your child is there on time.

·          Further assist the coaches by refraining from talking with your child during practice.

·          Avoid criticism to other teams.

·          Know and uphold all the rules, regulations, by-laws, and codes of conduct designed to maximize the experience for you and everyone else’s swimmer.

Last updated: July 08, 2006