Volunteer Jobs

Parent Job Descriptions

  Note: For Friday evening events, please arrive at the designated location between 4i:30 and 4:45 pm
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Sell heat sheets and charge admission to spectators.

Admissions Table


Announce the races over the PA system.

Scorers Table on Deck


Place the labels on the ribbons and file the ribbons into the swimmers’ file.

Awards Room, Teacher’s Lounge


Communicate between deck and commons to call the swimmers to the deck.


Clerk Of Course

Help to line the swimmers up, by heat, for movement along the benches to behind the starting blocks from the silver door to the diving board area.

On Deck Outside Office


Run the meet on the computer. 

Scorers Table on Deck


Work selling concessions (food and snacks) at the meet.  The concessions are located at the pool area on Friday and in the Commons area during Saturday and Sunday. 


Deck Marshal

SAFETY is your primary concern.  Fox must have marshals on deck throughout warm-ups.  Stay on deck to control traffic flow during the meet.  Also police areas continually, including walk through of locker rooms, score table, hallways, etc.

On Deck Outside Office

General Pool

Help with anything that the coaches or Meet Director may ask.   Unforeseen events (sickness, etc.) usually results in some swimmers (and parents) unable to attend the meet.  You may be asked to fill in at any of the positions listed.

On Deck Outside Office

Head Timer

Hold timer meeting (unless the Referee does).  Responsible for all timers.  Pass out and collect all timer supplies.

On deck, next to Scorers Table


Serve snacks and drinks to the Officials and Coaches on deck.  Help serve food in the hospitality room.

On deck, next to Scorers Table


If you’re an ISI official, you already know what to do.


Positive Check-In

Highlight swimmers’ names as they check-in for the meet.  This job usually takes about 40 minutes.  Afterwards, please see the Meet Director to find out where else you can help.

Positive Check-In Table


Run paperwork from the computer table to the timers and from the timers to the computer table.   You hang copies, collect items such as time sheets, DQ cards and final results.

On Deck Outside Office

Team Marshal

Stay around the FOX swimmer area in the commons to assure proper behavior and help send swimmers down to their events.



Use provided stopwatches to time each heat & record times on heat sheet.  Back-up timers are provided in case a start is missed. If enough volunteers are available, split sessions may be implemented.

On deck, next to Scorers Table

Timing System

Run the electronic touch pad system.

Scorers Table on Deck

Worker Check-In

Highlight volunteer names as they check in and give them their nametags. This job usually takes about 40 minutes.  Afterwards, please see the Meet Director to find out where else you can help.

Worker Check-In Table




MailBox Stuffers


End of Year Organizers



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