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4 Key Components to Success

4 Key Components to Success


These four components, none more important than the other, are vital to a swimmer’s success. A swimmer must work on both their physical and mental abilities, and must apply themselves in both their training and technique. 


Mental – Mental ability is important to be able to stay in control of your emotions and actions, as well as remain confident in yourself and your abilities, especially during adversity. Positivity, self-confidence, self-control, and mental fortitude are all important factors to mental ability. It is important to be able to give positive, self-reinforcement to yourself while at a practice or meet, while keeping your emotions in check. Being able to remain calm under pressure, positive during stressful environments or situations, and confident when things don’t go your way are all valuable attributes that will help foster success. 

Physical – Physical ability is important to be able to apply strength and balance, along with many other physical skills, to your swimming. Using the physical ability that you have is not enough, regardless of the amount of ability you have. You also need to work towards improving and increasing that physical ability. It is important to be able to apply all of the physical tools at your disposal to your training and technique in order to get the most out of each that you can. Having the mental fortitude to apply those physical tools under stress is also important, and doing so will help create success. 

Training – Training is important to improve speed and endurance. Training includes both in the water, and dryland activities. Training is an incorporation of being able to perform proper technique under stress, as well as giving your all with both mental and physical effort. It is important to be able to remain confident in your abilities and tell yourself that you can get through a set or practice, all while keeping a level head and high level of physical effort. The dynamic between physical and mental effort, both in the pool and with dryland activities, will lead to a heightened level of training that will help deliver success. 

Technique – Technique is important to become proficient in the water. Technique applies to all strokes, as well as the skills in starts and turns, and much more. Technique starts with understanding the proper way to do the skill you are working on, before physically trying it. It is important to be able to mentally apply proper technique and understand the differences between doing it right and doing it wrong, as well as physically perform proper technique under stress during your training. All of which will help improve technique and lead to success.