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Practice & Meet Expectations

Practice & Meet Expectations

These are practice and meet expectations that all athletes are to follow. 


Practice Expectations:
  • Arrive and leave on time.

  • Bring all required equipment to every practice. 

  • Give the coaches your full attention when they are speaking or instructing, including no talking to or distracting others. 

  • Follow the directions and instructions given by the coaches. 

  • Ask questions when you do not understand something. 

  • Practice to the best of your ability, no matter the set, stroke, or skill that we are working on. 

  • Set a good example of work ethic and following instructions for your teammates. 

  • Follow all pool/facility rules at all times.

  • Abide by GREAT’s and USA Swimming’s Code of Conduct at all times.


Meet Expectations:
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to stretch with the team. 

  • Bring any necessary equipment, including healthy food and drink.

  • Sit with the team, and wear GREAT gear. High school or other club/team gear will not be permitted. 

  • Wear a team suit or solid black suit unless tech suits have been approved for the meet. Tech suits will only be allowed for certain meets, or under certain circumstances. All swimmers must wear a GREAT cap.

  • Know your events before arriving to the pool. All 10 & unders are encouraged to write their events on their arms with Sharpie. Sign yourself in to the meet, when necessary. 

  • Cell phone or electronics use will only be permitted under the following circumstances: checking meet mobile and communicating with parents when absolutely necessary. Swimmers will be allowed to listen to music on certain occasions but must ask a coach for permission before doing so. 

  • Scratching from an event will be rare and only be permitted under the following extreme circumstances: injury, illness, or pre-discussed conflict. Any scratches must be approved by a coach beforehand. 

  • Never challenge an official over a call, discuss it with a coach and let them handle it.

  • Talk to your coach before and after every event.

  • Give your all in every event, both individual and relays.

  • Follow all pool/facility rules at all times.

  • Abide by GREAT’s and USA Swimming’s Code of Conduct at all times.