GREAT Partners



Mission Statement:

Fostering success in the pool and in our community by providing a safe environment and positive atmosphere that allows our athletes to reach their full potential. 


Vision Statement:

Establish a rewarding swimming program that aims to inspire our athletes to achieve and will encourage them to excel, in all aspects of their lives. Through swimming we hope to create a lasting impact that will empower our athletes to be outstanding athletes and role models.



When it’s all said and done, always be able to say that you TRIED:


Supported your                                    Team

Behaved with                                        Respect

Acted with                                               Integrity

Strived for                                               Excellence

Had unwavering                                   Determination


Team At GREAT we are all about our TEAM. We have developed an outstanding culture that we believe is vital to our team success. We desire that all of our swimmers uphold the standards and expectations that we as coaches and administrators set for this team.

Respect Respect is a trait that we value deeply at GREAT. We aspire for our kids to always treat others with respect, and to always have respect for themselves. We believe this to be vital to forming trust and relationships that will last a lifetime.

Integrity Integrity is a quality that is very important to us at GREAT. We aspire for our kids to stay true to who they are. As well as display good morals and principles that will help guide them to success in the pool, and most importantly their lives.

Excellence At GREAT we strive for excellence. Not only in the pool, but in all aspects of what we do. We expect our kids to do the same. In all aspects of their lives, the pool, and the community we expect our kids to strive to be excellent.

Determination Determination and work ethic are two qualities we aim to instill on a daily basis at GREAT. We believe a strong work ethic and true determination can take you as far as your heart desires.