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 Swimming is a labor intensive sport and our team is dependent on parental support for its continued success. The proceeds are clubs received form the hosted events helps keep our annual fees in check.

1. How many volunteer hours are expected from each family?

We ask families with children in bronze group and up to fulfill a minimum Volunteer Obligation of 3 sessions per IA hosted meet. Green group parents are asked to volunteer 1 session. Helping with more than three sessions is encouraged!

2. What types of jobs are available?

Families can sign-up to work multiple jobs at a meet as most jobs are scheduled in 3-4 hour shifts. Sign-ups for meet jobs are done online. For more details about working at our meets see job sign-up sheets for each home event. 

3. Who can volunteer?

Any family member 12 years old and over can work to earn volunteer hours for your family. Family and friends can help too - as long as they do not have swimmers on the team. We know that younger swimmers like to help out at meets too. We welcome any responsible help but they cannot be credited with volunteer hours for your family.

4. How does my family receive credit for the hours that we have worked?

If you sign up for  job online it will be logged once complete and credited to your account.

5. What if I don't fulfill all the hours of my family's Work Obligation?

If your family does not fulfill all of its required Work Obligation hours during the swim year, it will be charged $50.00 per session missed. This money pays temping agencies we need to utilize in order to cover those sessions.

If you know you will not be able to help during an event, please feel free to work sessions at another IA event. We are definitely flexible!

6. How do I learn about work opportunities?

Read your email!

Meet signups are always posted online and you will be informed by email when these become available. 

Please remember, it is your responsibility to sign-up for jobs and to do the jobs you signed-up for. We're counting on you!

Should you have any questions regarding these jobs or how to earn your hours, please contact Christie Hannewyk.