CIA Handbook
Welcome to Central Iowa Aquatics (CIA)! We are a year-round swim team designed to improve the level of competitive swimming in the central Iowa area. Families and swimmers are from the greater Des Moines area and surrounding communities. CIA is committed to helping athletes of all ages and abilities reach their competitive swimming potential. Our athletes are part of a professionally coached team that promotes achievement, physical fitness, social development, and having fun. The success of CIA at the local, state, and national level reflects the dedication of our swimmers, commitment of our coaching staff, and involvement of parents and volunteers.


Central Iowa Aquatics was founded in 1995 by a group of parent volunteers interested in improving competitive swimming in the Des Moines metro area. We are a private, not-for-profit (501.3c) organization. The club is a member of Iowa Swimming Inc (ISI) which in turn is a member of USA Swimming (USA-S). A Board of Directors governs CIA. Board positions include President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Registrar, Secretary, Safety, Fundraising, Program/Social, Web Support, and Meet Director. All board members are volunteers and serve two-year terms, beginning April 1. Elections are held annually with approximately half the board up for election in any given year. The monthly board meetings are posted on the team website and open to all members of CIA.
USA Swimming (USA-S) is the national governing body for the Olympic sport of swimming and a member of the United States Olympic Committee. USA-S was created in 1978 when passage of the Amateur Sports Act specified that all Olympic sports would be administered independently. Within the United States, USA-S is broken down in 59 Local Swimming Committees (LSC) that manage USA-S activities within their boundaries.  Each LSC has specific geographic boundaries that often fall within state lines. USA Swimming headquarters are located at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. Each swimmer who registers with USA-Swimming receives a 14-digit ID number. The USA number starts with six numbers - the athlete’s date of birth (MM/DD/YY). This is followed by eight letters: the first three letters of the first name, then the first letter of the middle name (or * if no middle name), then the first four letters of the last name. 
Mission Statement
The objective of CIA is to provide an opportunity for young people to participate in a wholesome, lifelong, recreational, and competitive sport. It is the goal of CIA to provide a high quality comprehensive instructional and training program, which will allow swimmers to achieve their potential in swimming. CIA will provide an atmosphere which fosters respect for teammates, coaches, and competitors and which promotes the ideals of sportsmanship, team loyalty, integrity, competition, and hard work.

The single most important requirement for being a member of CIA is the desire to become a part of a competitive swim team. The club does not limit participation to swimmers of a certain ability level. Rather, CIA encourages swimmers of all ages, ability levels and experience to join the team, with the understanding that members always strive to improve.  Membership in CIA requires the following:
·         Ability to swim one length (25 yards) of the pool with a freestyle or crawl stroke
·        Completion of a CIA registration form, Athlete Code of Conduct, and Parent Code of Conduct.
·      Current membership in USA-Swimming (not required for Intro or Masters groups). This must be renewed annually.  Unless you are transferring from another USA Swimming club, you will be attached to CIA. Transferring swimmers will be registered as Unattached-CIA.  USA Swimming registered swimmers not attached to CIA, other than transferring swimmers or guest swimmers, may not practice with the team.
·        Payment of all fees, including past dues amounts.  It is CIA policy to pay as you participate.  All dues (both USA Swimming and CIA) are payable at registration or the first practice of each month/season that a swimmer attends.  If a bill is 60 or more days delinquent swimmers will not be allowed to swim until their bill is paid. Swimmers without a signed and paid USA-Swimming registration are prohibited from entering the water for insurance purposes.
·         Adherence to all CIA policies.
·         Fees for new swimmers are not discounted.


Code of Conduct

The purpose of this code is to promote the best possible individual, team, and program which supports the development of first class citizens.  All athletes, family members, coaches, staff, and officials are expected to abide by this code.  Registering with the CIA team assumes agreement to comply with our Code of Conduct.

  1. Good sportsmanship will be displayed at practice and in meets, as well as at all times when representing CIA.  This includes supporting CIA's values of respect, discipline, loyalty, commitment, and hard work as well as behaving with respect, grace and dignity in both victory and defeat.
  2. Respect team members, competitors, coaches, officials, administrators, parents, public property, club property, and personal property.
  3. Comply with instruction and directions from the coaches and officials.  Only coaches coach.
  4. Never interfere with the progress or performance goals of a swimmer during practice or otherwise.
  5. Athletes shall contribute to the setup and tear-down of all practices.  This means active participation daily.
  6. All members of the team, whether athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, or parents, will protect and improve the club’s excellent reputation within the swimming community.
  7. Any activity which jeopardizes CIA’s insurance coverage, terms of pool use, or membership in USA Swimming and/or Iowa Swimming Inc. is strictly prohibited.
  8. Athletes shall wear CIA swim caps when competing for CIA.  Suits, caps and other clothing displaying the name or logo of other teams may not be worn when representing CIA in competition or during awards ceremonies.
  9. During competitions, any questions or concerns regarding decisions made by meet officials or our coaches must be directed to the CIA head coach.  Parents must address meet officials via the head coach.
  10. Inappropriate or destructive behavior will not be tolerated including, but not limited to, using abusive language, profane language, language of a sexual nature, inappropriate gestures, harassment, bullying, lying, stealing, or vandalism.
  11. Illegal possession, transportation, and/or use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco or weapons is strictly prohibited.
  12. Bring problems, concerns, or constructive criticism to the head coach, board president or other board member.
  13. All swimmers, coaches, officials, administrators, and parents must abide by the USA Swimming Code of Conduct.  This is found in the Rulebook as well as on the USA Swimming website and the Iowa Swimming, Inc website.

Discipline Policy

As part of the CIA commitment to the Code of Conduct, the following procedures are in place to resolve grievances regarding the conduct of individuals. The procedures are intended to:

  1. Place primary responsibility with the CIA coaches to resolve disputes between individuals and take necessary disciplinary action regarding any violations of the Code.
  2. Provide timely and equitable procedures for the review of the coaches' disciplinary decisions and for addressing issues regarding coaches' conduct.

Coaches Responsibility
The coaches have the initial responsibility to discipline individuals for inappropriate conduct. It is expected that the coaches will use their reasonable discretion when imposing appropriate discipline, and that any disciplinary action will take into account (1) the nature and severity of the conduct, (2) any prior disciplinary actions regarding the individual, (3) the adverse effect of the conduct on other members of the team, and (4) the application of the Code of Conduct.

Examples of disciplinary action include verbal warning, removal from a practice, notification to an athlete’s parents, suspension from some or all CIA activities, up to and including expulsion from CIA. These examples are not exclusive, and it is expected that the coaches will exercise their discretion to fashion an appropriate disciplinary action, including consultation with the Head Coach, affected parents, and the board in the case of extraordinary disciplinary action. However, the coaches will take any immediate action that is both necessary and appropriate under the circumstances to insure the safety of athletes.

Any behavior which poses a safety threat or disrupts a scheduled activity will result in immediate ejection from the facility for that day.  The general escalation procedure is as follows; however, as stated above, this is at the coach’s discretion and may not occur in this order:

Verbal Warning:
The coach will notify the individual of the issue as soon as possible after the incident occurs. The coach will also tell the individual the correction for the behavior.  Notification may also be given to the parents.

More serious or recurring incidents will result in temporary suspension from the practice, meet, activity, or team.  The suspension may be removal from a practice, meet, activity, or team for that day or longer.  Notification will be given to the parents. No refund will be given.  Any extra expenses will be the responsibility of the individual, his/her parents, or legal guardians.

If the above actions do not remedy the situation, or the situation is deemed severe enough, the individual may be expelled from CIA.  Expulsion requires the approval of the head coach and the board.  No refund will be given.   Any extra expenses will be the responsibility of the individual, his/her parents, or legal guardians.

Central Iowa Aquatics athletes, coaches, officials, administration, and parents are all expected to follow the Code of Conduct.  Failure to follow the Code may result in disciplinary action up to and including employment or membership termination.  If an athlete, coach, official, administrator, or parent conducts themselves in such a way that brings discredit or discord to Central Iowa Aquatics, Iowa Swimming Inc, and/or USA Swimming, that individual voluntarily subjects themselves to disciplinary action.  As a private swim team, Central Iowa Aquatics maintains the right to terminate any membership with or without cause in the interest of our vision, mission, and objectives. 



Volunteer Requirements

The success of the CIA swim club is largely due to the support of our parent and family volunteers. We need parent support in every aspect of this organization for that success to continue.  Our volunteers play an important role from people serving on the Board, to chairing committees, to volunteering at swim meets.

It can take more than 100 volunteers to host a single meet! And outside of meets there are hundreds of task hours that need someone volunteering!  Without everyone’s help we simply couldn’t host meets, or function as a club.  If the club must hire people for tasks our families can do, our swimmer dues will increase substantially.  Therefore, we have a volunteer requirement that each family must satisfy. 

CIA Volunteer Requirements:

There are two seasons.  The Short Course Season is September – March.  The Long Course Season is April – Aug.  For each season a family has a swimmer in the water practicing with and/or competing for CIA for more than one month, families must provide volunteer hours at meets hosted by CIA or by serving in other capacities as needed by CIA.

Volunteer Requirement for Short Course Season:  Families must provide a volunteer for 12 hours.

Volunteer Requirement for Long Course Season:  Families must provide a volunteer for 8 hours.

For example, for short course, a family may meet the requirement by providing one volunteer for 12 hours or by providing four volunteers for 3 hours each, etc.  This may be done at one meet, multiple meets, or at other volunteer opportunities in the same season.  The volunteer requirements start over at the beginning of each season.

Volunteers must be 14 years of age or older.  If a 13 & under wants to volunteer, special permission must be obtained from the meet director, or the head of committee in the case on non-meet events, in order for the family to receive credit for those volunteer hours.

At meets, unless excused by the meet director, the volunteer must remain during the entire length of the volunteer slot s/he is working, regardless of when their own swimmers’ races are completed.  For non-meet events, unless excused by the head of committee, the volunteer must remain during the entire length of the volunteer slot s/he is working.

If, at the end of the season, a family has not fulfilled their requirement they will be charged $35 for each hour for which they did not provide a volunteer.  For example, for short course, if a family provided 8 volunteer hours, $140 will be charged to their account for the 4 hours they did not provide a volunteer.

There are three exceptions to this requirement:  1) Officials may satisfy their volunteer requirement by officiating at our meets, 2) Coaches are exempt and 3) People who have chosen to opt out and pay a volunteer fee are exempt.

Note:  High school swimmers will have a reduced number of required volunteer hours.  Instead of 12 hours, families with onlyhigh school swimmers will have an 8 hour requirement.  As the hours are reduced, the rate to opt out is also reduced.  Instead of $420 to opt out of 12 hours, it will be $280 to opt out of 8 hours.

Volunteers must sign up online prior to the event! Team Unify has a system for keeping up with your volunteer hours. You must sign up for your volunteer position under “job sign up” by midnight prior to the start of the event. The jobs are on a first come first serve basis so please check the website often and sign up quickly.

Volunteers at meets must also sign the volunteer check-in sheets at the meet located near the concession stand in order to receive credit for their participation. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to sign in.


Volunteer opportunities for Fall and Winter Season:

Living History Farms Road Race

CIA  Fall Mixer swim meet at Summit Middle School

Participating in Butter Braid fundraiser


CIA Winter Blues Buster meet at Summit Middle School

Timers for Regional and State Swim Meets

Officiating at CIA home meets, Regionals and State meet

Lane line inst



Spring and Summer Volunteer Opportunities

Hosting CIA garage sale (satisfies one year of volunteer requirements)

Donating to CIA garage sale

CIA Beat the Heat meet in Grinnell

Timer at Regional and State Meets

Officiating at CIA, Regional or State Meets


Other Volunteer Opportunities

Organize the Fire Up for State parties for both winter and summer state meets

Organize team apparel

Organize family folders, distribute awards

Organize hotel blocks for teams and coaches

Organize snacks for winter break training and swim-a-thon

Organize social activites for winter break training

Chair the search for sponsorships and ad sales for Beat the Heat meet

Join the CIA Board of Directors

To Volunteer: please check our website for volunteer opportunities and signup online, or contact any CIA board.


Hospitality Fee:

Each family will be assessed a $10 fee for hospitality and concessions for meets hosted by CIA for fall and winter season and again for spring and summer season.  This fee will be assessed in September and again in April. 

Central Iowa Aquatics Communication
Communication among members is vital to CIA! We use several approaches to reach our membership.
·         The CIA website ( is the primary communication tool for the team. It includes current announcements, practice schedules/changes, meet entry information, and financial accounts for each family. New members can register online through the website. 
·         The CIA email address is Inquiries are answered promptly.
·        CIA coaches welcome input from parents and are available to answer questions before or after practice.  Please do not ask questions during practice as this is the swimmers' time.
Swim Meets
The current CIA meet schedule is posted on the website. Our team hosts at least two meets every year and also attends many others, both in Iowa and out-of-state. During meets, we encourage our athletes to focus on improving their times, achieving goals, and developing a championship attitude. All the meets we host/attend are sanctioned by USA Swimming, which ensures that consistent standards for meet conduct, officiating, safety are observed. Any athlete who swims in a meet must be currently registered with USA Swimming.
Philosophy of Competition
Here is CIA's philosophy about competition:
·        CIA emphasizes personal improvement.  Winning ribbons, medals, or trophies is not our main goal. 
·      Sportsmanlike behavior is equally important.  We expect swimmers to behave like a champions whether they swim well or poorly.  Coaches expect swimmers to show respect for officials and other competitors, encourage teammates, and display mature attitudes.
·      The coach’s job is to offer constructive criticism of a swimmer’s performance.  The parent’s responsibility is to provide the love and encouragement that bolsters their child's confidence.
Meet Schedule
Most meets take place on weekends and typically last 1-3 days. Meets are usually divided into two sessions per day, with specific age groups participating in each session. The current CIA meet schedule is posted on the website.
Information About Meets
·         Some meets are open to all swimmers while others require specific time standards to enter.
·         At a timed final meet, each athlete swims his/her race(s) once, with places determined by times. In a prelims/finals meet, all athletes compete during prelims. Those qualifying for finals (usually the top 8 or 16 athletes) swim again in the finals session. The performance in finals determines place places and points. Strategy enters into a prelims/finals meet since a swimmer must perform well enough in prelims to qualify, but have enough reserve left for an excellent swim during finals. Swimmers who qualify for finals but fail to show up are usually barred from participating in the rest of the meet. Swimmers should never leave a prelims session without knowing if they are a finalist or an alternate. 
·         The coaching staff encourages swimmers to attend one to two meets monthly. They can recommend meets that will provide a positive yet challenging experience for individual athletes. Although parents/swimmers may select events to enter, they can also discuss this with any of the coaches. Team members are encouraged to participate in all home meets.
  • For local meets in the Des Moines area, CIA will pay for two coaches if 20 swimmers are in attendance and will pay for an additional coach for each additional 15 swimmers.  Travel meets have a different coaching policy.  See the CIA Travel Policy section below for that policy.  The head coach determines which coaches attend given meets. This policy can be changed with board approval if the head coach makes a request for a specific meet.  
·         The SCY (short course yards) season runs from September through March. All meets are swum in  25 yard pools. The LCM (long course meters) season runs from April through August. Most of these meets are swum in 50 meter pools. Both seasons culminate in state championship meets.
·         During the short course season, there are separate 12 & under championships and 13 & over championships. These are held on different weekends and usually hosted by different clubs. During the long course season, there is a single state meet. 12 & under state meets are timed finals; 13 & over state meets are prelims/finals. Athletes entering these meets must have Q times (qualifying times) for each event that they enter. Q times are available on the website (Events > Time Standards).  Once a swimmer achieves a Q time, it is good for the entire time that the swimmer is in that age group. All swimmers who have qualified for state championships are expected to attend these meets.
·         There are other meets which require faster time standards than Q times. The Central Zones meet occurs annually in August and requires AAA times for entry. The Speedo Sectionals meets are held twice yearly and have faster time standards than the Zones meets. Junior National and National meets have even faster time cuts. 

Signing up for Meets
·         Once available, meet invitations are posted on the CIA and ISI websites. A meet invitation explains the rules of a meet (including entry limits) and events offered, so should be reviewed carefully before selecting events. Meet entry occurs through the CIA website. Before entering a meet, please log onto the CIA website and view the tutorial on meet entry, as this answers most questions (Video Tutorials > Parent Webinars > Parents Meet Entry). To enter a meet, log in then click on "Events", which will bring up currently available meets. For swimmers who do not have seed times in the CIA (online) database, please type in their fastest times in the "info" box on the entry page. 
·         Meet entry fees are automatically calculated and then appear on your next electronic invoice. The meet entry fee includes a per-event charge (listed in the meet invite), ISI Splash fee, and CIA processing fee (currently $12/meet for each athlete). The CIA processing fee covers relay fees and meet-associated coaching costs.  Some meets also charge a facility fee.  If you enter after the meet deadline, late entry fees apply and are usually double the listed "per event" rate.
·         CIA occasionally offers Team Trips for 13 & over swimmers. The Team Trip fee covers transportation and lodging and is not part of the meet entry fee.
Team Procedures at Swim Meets
Before the meet:

o    Please arrive at the pool at least 15 minutes before the scheduled warm-up time and check in with a coach. 

o    Once you arrive, look for familiar faces since the team usually sits together in one area.

o    Programs are usually for sale in the lobby or concession area of the pool.  These include heat/lane assignments for each event as well as seed times. When team members swim an event for the first time, they are entered at “no-time” (NT).

o    Using a meet program, verify the events your athletes will be swimming.

o    Swimmers should collect their cap and goggles and report to the coach for warm-up instructions. A swimmer's body is just like a car on a cold day - warming up the engine is required for optimal performance!

o    After warm-ups are over, swimmers need to prepare for the meet.  This is a great time for them to use the bathroom and/or get a drink.

o    Parents are not allowed on the pool deck unless they are serving in an official capacity. 

During the Meet:

o    Swimmers should talk with a coach before each race, to review technique, strategy, and race plans. Athletes should also visit with a coach immediately after each event, to review their swims. Coaches are usually located at one of the pool-side coaching tables.  

o    Once an event number is called (generally over the loudspeaker), swimmers report behind the blocks to their assigned lane. Remember to take a cap & goggles!  Some meets will ask swimmers to report to the clerk of course rather than behind the blocks. The clerk of course then lines up all the swimmers and escorts them to the blocks.   

o    If you have questions about meet results, disqualifications, or meet conduct, please discuss them with one of our coaches.  He/she will then investigate and clarify any issues.

After the Meet:

o    Once swimmers have completed all their individual and relay events, they are free to leave after checking out with one of the coaches.  

CIA Travel Policy

To help swimmers become their best, CIA encourages families to participate in the most competitive level of swimming available. Travel Meets provide swimmers with experience competing against swimmers from other LSCs, typically at a higher quality of individual and team competition. Other benefits include:

  • Gaining experience in prelims/finals competition in and outside of Iowa
  • Team bonding
  • Learning responsibility and independence


Away Meet Supervision

  • Supervision. CIA member parents will be responsible for arranging and paying for all travel, accommodations, meals, and all related expenses for their swimmers for all non-chaperoned meets and will be responsible for the supervision of their swimmers at all such meets.
  • Alternate Supervision. Parents of a swimmer may make arrangements for the parent of another swimmer attending the Away Meet to supervise their swimmer. In such situation, the parents of both families shall notify the Head Coach of the arrangements that have been made. Any such arrangement will be strictly between the families involved. The parent acting as supervisor of another family’s swimmer will not be deemed to be a CIA chaperone.
  • Coaching Expenses. CIA will pay coaches meet fees and travel expenses for meets where 10 or more swimmers are in attendance. CIA will pay for an additional coach if 25 swimmers are in attendance, and an additional coach for each increment of 25 additional swimmers.  If fewer than 10 swimmers attend, the swimmers must pay for the coaches meet fees in addition to the coaches’ transportation, hotel, and meals. The 25 swimmer minimum does not apply to National meets (Sectionals, Grand Prix series, Junior Nationals, Nationals and Olympic Trials). The head coach determines which coaches attend given meets.  This policy can be changed with board approval if the head coach makes a request for a specific meet.  Local meets have their own policy.  See "Meet Information", above, for that policy.
  • National Meet Expenses. For National meets, CIA will reimburse all coaching expenses if four or more swimmers attend. If three or fewer swimmers attend, and coaching expenses exceed $400, each family will pay a $100 “coaching expense” fee to the club. National meets include Sectionals, Grand Prix series, Junior Nationals, Nationals and Olympic Trials.


Team Travel/Chaperones

Team travel meets are away meets attended by swimmers, coaches and adult chaperones, traveling, dining, and lodging as a team, as distinguished from away meets where swimmers travel and stay with their families. Team travel meets will strive to bring one chaperone for every 8 swimmers on the trip. Chaperones, under direction of the head coach, will be responsible for the care of all athletes on the trip including meals, curfews, transportation and any other issues that may arise. Coaches will be responsible for all meet related aspects of the trip including meet administration and coaching. They may also be used for transportation needs.

  • Safety Policy. In accordance with USA Swimming recommendations, the following guidelines will be followed:
    1. Background check. Coaches, Team managers and chaperones must be members of USA Swimming and have successfully passed a USA Swimming-administered criminal background check.
    2. Open and observable environment. During team travel, when doing room checks, attending team meetings and/or other activities, two-deep leadership and open and observable environments will be maintained. Common sense should be used to move a meeting to an open and observable location if the meeting inadvertently begins in private.
    3. Hotel. Regardless of gender, a coach or chaperone shall not share a hotel room or other sleeping arrangement with an athlete (unless the coach or chaperone is the parent, guardian, sibling or spouse of that particular athlete).
    4. Transportation. Athletes should not ride in a coach’s vehicle without another adult present who is the same gender as the athlete, unless prior parental permission is obtained.
    5. Athlete Hotel Arrangements. During overnight team travel, if athletes are paired with other athletes they will be of the same gender and similar age. Chaperones and/or team managers will ideally stay in nearby rooms.
    6. One Athlete/One Coach permission. When only one athlete and one coach travel to a competition, the athlete must have his/her parents’ (or legal guardian’s) written permission in advance to travel alone with the coach.
    7. Buddy Club. When only one athlete and one coach travel to a competition, at the competition the coach and athlete should attempt to establish a “buddy” club to associate with during the competition and when away from the venue.
  • Travel Meet Decisions. The Head Coach will determine for which Travel Meets CIA will provide chaperones, and will have the authority to limit or cap the number of Travel Meet swimmers based liability, logistical, or disciplinary issues. 
  • Consent Form. All chaperoned swimmers attending a Travel Meet, as well as one of their parents if they are under the age of 18, will be required to sign a Travel Consent form prior to the meet.
  • Chaperoned Meet Expenses. CIA will arrange for accommodations and ground transportation for the chaperoned swimmers and the chaperones. Each chaperoned swimmer will be responsible, and will be billed by CIA, for a pro-rata portion of all chaperoned swimmers’ ground transportation and accommodations, and for a pro-rata portion of all of chaperones’ covered expenses. All swimmers and chaperones will be directly responsible for their own meal expenses.
  • Air Travel. If the Head Coach allows CIA parents to directly arrange and pay for their chaperoned swimmers’ airfare, those parents who do so will not be billed by CIA for airfare (but will still be required to pay their portion of the rest of the expenses, as set forth above).
  • Adult Swimmers. If the Head Coach allows a swimmer who is 18 years or older to arrange and pay for his or her own transportation and accommodations, that swimmer will not be billed by CIA for such expenses (either his or her own or for any portion of other swimmers’) for which the swimmer makes his or her own arrangements.
  • Payment of Expenses. Whenever possible, CIA will bill swimmers prior to the Travel Meet for expenses due from them and payment of such expenses will be due prior to travel; all other expenses due from the swimmers will be billed after the Travel Meet with payment due upon invoice. There will be no refunds of any airfare which has been prepaid by CIA unless another swimmer takes the non-attending swimmer’s place. The non-attending swimmer will be charged and responsible for any fees charged to or penalties imposed on CIA as a result of changing the named ticket holder.


CIA Team Travel Code of Conduct

The Head Coach or designated head coach will have full authority over all trip participants. This individual will also handle any decisions required during the trip, as well as ensuring that the travel policy is enforced at all times during the trip. 

In addition to the Code of Conduct listed elsewhere in the handbook, the following Travel Code of Conduct applies when traveling:


  1. Individuals are expected to behave appropriately and represent CIA in a mature manner.
  2. Athletes are not allowed to leave either the hotel or the pool without permission from the head coach and/or chaperone.
  3. Athletes are required to be in their rooms and have lights out at a time specified by the coach and/or chaperone.
  4. No long distance phone calls are to be made from hotel rooms.
  5. No pay movies are to be ordered from hotel rooms.
  6. Individuals are expected to treat hotel facilities, guests and staff with respect. No damage will be tolerated.
  7. No individual is allowed in a room of the opposite gender unless approved by the head coach or chaperone. If approval is given, room door must remain wide open at all times.
  8. Individuals are responsible for their own wake-up calls (or bring an alarm). The team will leave the hotel at the time specified by the coach.
  9. Any additional guidelines for the team will be established as needed by the coach and chaperones.
  10. If a coach also participates as an athlete, he/she will be considered a coach for purposes of this policy.
  11. Any individual that is found to have violated any team rules will be subject to disciplinary action by the team and/or local authorities. An individual may be sent home at the expense of the individual, his/her parents, or legal guardians.

Parent Roles
A successful swim program requires understanding and cooperation among parents, athletes, and coaches.  The following guidelines will help your child reach his/her full potential as an swimmer: 

·         Please make every effort to get your swimmers to practice on time.

·         Parents supply the love, recognition, and encouragement necessary to make athletes work hard during practice and perform well in competition.

·         The coaching staff guides, motivates, and constructively criticizes the performances of our swimmers.  When parents offer coaching advice to athletes, it may confuse them, especially if it conflicts with instructions given by coaches.  If you have a problem, concern, or complaint about training, please discuss this with a coach.

·         Almost all swimmers have meets where they do not swim well. These plateaus are a normal part of swimming.  Remember that you can always find something positive about your child's performance!


Problems with Coaches
Some parents choose to discuss their complaints about coaches/training with other parents rather than taking directly to a coach.  With this approach, problems are never solved and often grow larger.  We strongly encourage direct communication with the coaching staff and offer these guidelines for discussing difficult issues.

·    Remember that you and the coaches both have the best interests of your child at heart.  Focusing on this shared goal should produce good rapport and constructive dialogue.

·    Keep in mind that coaches must balance what is best for your child with the needs of the team or training group. 

·    If your child swims for an assistant coach, always initially discuss the matter with that coach.  If the assistant coach cannot satisfactorily resolve your concern, then ask the head coach to join the dialogue as a third party.

·    If another parent uses you as a sounding board for complaints about coaching performance or club policies, listen empathetically but encourage the other parent to speak directly to a coach. 


Team Apparel
CIA logo swim caps are available for purchase through the head coach.  Team swimsuits, personalized CIA swim caps, warm-up suits, T-shirts, and other apparel are periodically available by special order.  Order forms are posted on the website (News > Apparel).  The team swimsuit is not required for meets.
Central Iowa Aquatics is completely supported by member dues, fundraising, donations, and income from CIA-hosted swim meets.  Since CIA is a non-profit 501.3c organization,  donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law. Please contact a CIA board member if you are interested in making a donation. 


Photos are sometimes taken during swim meets and during other activities of CIA athletes and coaches by an authorized CIA volunteer.  Action photos taken will be for the celebration of the sport of swimming and preserving memories.  The photos will exhibit a standard of decency and will not exhibit torn swim suits; should not be taken of starting athletes with photographer standing behind the starting blocks at the beginning of their race or exhibit a child getting out of a pool;  and will not be taken in locker rooms or changing areas at any time.  The photos may be used on the slideshow of the team website and may be posted on the secure team photo share website for CIA families to download and enjoy.  Parents and athletes may later post the photos of themselves or their children on social  media sites but are encouraged to obtain approval of other parents or other children before posting any photos of other children on social media sites.  The photos posted on the slideshow of the team website should not have an athlete’s name legible on exhibited swim caps.  Occasionally some photos will be used in press releases created by CIA or its authorized representatives for newspapers and publications.  Each family participating in CIA is deemed to consent to photos being taken of their children and used for the above stated purposes. 

Parents have the right to refuse for their child to be photographed or the child’s name being placed in a press release.  Parents not wanting their child to be photographed or named in a press release completed by CIA volunteers should fill out and submit a photo and media “opt-out” form available on the team website. It is to be understood by any parents submitting an “opt-out” form that swim meets and club activities are often public events where parents, outside photographers or attendees are not governed by the club policy.

Revised September 2017