Annual Dues -  Annual fees are discounted 5% when paying for the full year.  You may choose to pay monthly instead if you would like.  

Monthly Dues - Monthly fees are for those swimmers who like to pay monthly. The monthly fee is collected the first day of each month that a swimmer participates. Payments are not currently collected in March or August.

Registration fee - If a swimmer is not currently registered, this fee must be paid when joining or returning to CIA. All swimmers must pay this fee annually before beginning practice with CIA.  This covers the individual's insurance and allows them to compete in swim meets for the team!  This is mandatory even if they do not swim in USA Swimming meets. This also cover the previous concession Ashworth fee. 

Meet entry fees are not included in CIA dues. For each meet entered, swimmers pay a per-event charge (every time the athlete races in a swim meet), ISI splash fee (for entering the meet), and CIA processing fee (covers relay fees and meet-associated coaching costs).  Some meets also charge a facility fee.

CIA Service Requirements:   There are two competition seasons.  The Short Course Season is September – February.  The Long Course Season is April – July.  For each season a family has a swimmer in the water practicing with and/or competing for CIA for more than one month, families get to provide service hours at meets hosted by CIA or by serving in other capacities as needed by CIA.  It is a great way to support the team and meet other families within CIA!!  The complete volunteer requirements are outlined in the CIA Handbook (About > CIA Handbook).  We do assess a fine for families that do not meet their hours.  We currently charge $35.00 per hour not completed.

  • Service Hour Requirement for Short Course Season-Age Group and Senior swimmers:  Families must provide 12 hours.

  • Service Hour Requirement for Short Course Season-High School Swimmer only:  Families must provide 8 hours.

  • Service Hour Requirement for Long Course Season:  Families must provide 8 hours.    

             The following table shows the 2018-2019  dues schedule through August 31, 2019.













 Senior 1 & 2


 High Performance




 Seasonal Registration Fee: billed twice annually upon registration for SCY and again for LCM season. 


 USA Swimming Registration: billed upon registration and renewed annually in September



Payment Policy

CIA dues must be paid prior to participation in CIA activities.  The preferred payment method is website autopay (credit card or bank draft).  Autopay is required for all families. 

 On the 1st of each month, you will receive an electronic invoice with dues for the upcoming month plus any unpaid fees.  Payment is considered late after the 21st of the following month. 

Swimmers without a paid USA Swimming registration are prohibited from entering the water for insurance purposes. USA registration must be renewed annually. 


Family Discount - Families with three or more swimmers receive a discount. The registration fee for the third swimmer and additional swimmers beyond three is reduced by 50%. This reduction applies to the swimmer(s) with the least expensive dues.


Financial Assistance

CIA tries to assist families with financial needs.  However, limited funds are available. For additional details, please contact either the club registar (, or the CIA board president.


Refund of CIA Registration Fees

USA registration fees and monthly dues are not refundable.

Refunds of the annual and seasonal dues will be prorated based on the monthly rate.