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Red Hots Coaches

Head Coach: Ray Wong

Assistant Coaches: Jonah Hobbs, Kathy Nguyen, Melanie Wong

Junior Coaches: Aki Miyake, Kate Lee, Cassandra Chow, Brittany Cao

Volunteer Coaches: Milan Nuttall, Macy Nuttall, Arianna Carter, McKenna Patton, Sophia Hobbs, Kenji Miyake, Caleb Chow



Ray Wong: [email protected]

My love for swimming started with the Colony Red Hots. I started swimming when I was 10 years old and was an average swimmer with a pretty good breaststroke. I enjoyed the competition and made life long friends on the team. During my high school years, I started to excel in swmming, setting team records and league records for IM (individual medley), breaststroke and freestyle. At the age of 16, I become a Colony volunteer coach and worked my way up to becoming an assistant to Coach Bryan Dedeaux. I then moved on to become Head Coach of Northwood Pointe Flash for 3 years. During that time, I became an assistant coach to swimming's Hall of Fame Coach Flip Darr at Saddleback Community College. That in turned opened the door for me to coach for the Irvine High School Water Polo and Swimming programs. Even as a coach in the high school scene, I still have not forgotten my roots in the community summer swimming programs. For the last 9 years, I have been Head Coach of the Lake Forest Sharks which has been the top summer team for the Nadadore Satellite program. I am extremely excited to come full circle, to return to where it all started and coach the Colony Red Hots.