Red Hot Sponsors
Descriptions of Volunteer Roles

Red Hots Board & Chairperson Positions

Apparel: Works with vendor(s), orders swim suits, caps, coaches shirts and spirit wear and distributes to team. Sells spirit wear when necessary.


  • Time Trial Coordinator: Oversees logistics of event
  • New Parent Orientation: Sets up meeting for new families generally during Time Trial Meet
  • Picture Day: Coordinates photographer, day and distribution of photos

Meet Manager (Board Member): Coordinates logistics and head table for Swim Meets

  • Announcer
  • Judges & Starter: Judges must be formally trained by ISL, normally in May or early June. Can also train on the deck with current judges
  • Statistician: Keep track of all the times and prints ribbon stickers
  • Ribbon Writer: Assign stickers to appropriate ribbons, hand write heat winners
  • Set up / Tear Down: Responsible for setting up and tearing down each event at the Red Hot pool

Photographer: Takes pictures throughout events

Snack Bar Coordinator: Supervises all aspects of the snack bar

Snack Bar Helpers:

  • Candy Purchase
  • Donuts & Coffee
  • BBQ Workers
  • Ice & Soda
  • Hot Foods
  • Snow Cones

Social Activities Coordinator:

  • Age Group Party Coordinators: Works with secretary to plan out activity for selected age group
  • Movie Night: Set up at least one movie night for team and Colony residents; advertise, turn off sprinklers, set up equipment + popcorn machine, tear down
  • Champs: Plan champs food and activities for swimmers
  • Rootbeer Floats: Coordinate event after pictures on Picture Day
  • Team Event Coordinator: Coordinates a special event for entire Swim Team. It can be anything suitable for the entire family!

Sponsorships: In charge of soliciting team sponsorships

Team Dinners Coordinator:

  • Season Potluck Kickoff: Coordinates food and set up/tear down.
  • End of Season Banquet
  • Carbo Load

Volunteer Manager:

  • Head Timer: Trainer and back-up timer
  • Head Runner: Trainer and worker
  • Head Ready Bench: Trainer and worker
  • Clean Up: In charge of ensuring trash is emptied, bathrooms are stocked and clean, and grass is cleared of debris during Swim Meets and team pool events

Webmaster: Update and improve website

President: Runs the Board meetings and handles all the day-to-day details of the swim season. Keeps the members informed and is generally the go-to person in the event of any problems. Attends ISL meetings.

Vice-President: Runs the meetings in the event the President is not there. Would assume all the duties of the President if the President was unable to do so. Historically has been the liaison with the Association, in charge of the Fourth of July Raffle or Snack Bar although this is not specified in the by-laws

Treasurer: Keeps the books and expense records, writes the checks, prepares reports for the Board meetings.

Secretary: Keeps the minutes for the meetings and will provide them for the Board. Takes care of any letters or correspondence that may be requested of them. Historically has been in charge of Social Activities

Registrar/Membership: In charge of all aspects of registration. Keeps track of swimmers and their eligibility.

Director-at-Large: Will attend meetings of the Red Hots Board as called and may (but are not required to) fulfill other duties such as, but not limited to, Meet Manager, Events, Dinners or Snack Bar Coordinator.

ISL / Championship Representative: attends ISL meetings, can vote if President is not in attendance. Will represent the team at all Championship planning meetings and acts as a liaison to the Red Hots Board regarding such meetings.