Team Sponsors
Non-Resident (HOA) Info

Welcome to our Non-Resident Team Members

Your Northwood Courtside residents are happy to welcome families who live in neighboring Northwood communities. We hope you have a great summer swimming experience with the Courtside Stingrays.

Please remember that you are guests of the Northwood Courtside Homeowner's Association and you are required to abide by all rules governing the use of our pool and our common areas. Please review the Pool Rules portion of our our on-line Team Manual.

When bringing your swimmers to practice, we also ask that you abide by the following guidelines:

  • Please park only along Wakefieldon the east end of the pool and grass park, or along either side of Pershing, which runs along the north side of the grass park and tennis courts.  No homes face these curbs. Do not park in front of any homes on either end of Wakefield.
  • Please do not park anywhere on Phillipsburg or Cleveland. Parking on these streets will cause congestion, and will generate complaints from the community residents.
  • Double-parking, or stopping in the street to drop off your swimmers is dangerous! Swimmers who are dropped off in this manner will not be allowed to participate in practice that day.
  • Please drive savely and conservatively, even if you're late to practice!
  • Non-resident swimmers should not arrive more that 10 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled practice time. Non-resident families (siblings, parents or non-resident friends) are not permitted to use the pools.
  • Non-resident team swimmers are not permitted to swim in lanes designated for residents only. We need to be considerate of our resident hosts, and allow them access to the pool, even during swim practice. 
  • Swimmers ten years old and younger must have a supervising adult on the deck during their entire practice. Swimmers ten years old and younger will not be allowed to enter the pool without a supervising adult
  • When your swimmer's workout is over, please do not stay longer than 10 minutes. Ten minutes should give your child/children plenty of time to sit in the spa with his/her teammates, and then take a shower.

The Northwood Courtside Homeowner's Association is PROUD to have sponsored the Stingrays Swim Team for over 20 years! Please be gracious guests when using their facilities!