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Volunteer Positions

Competitive swimming is very different from most other sports because it involves the whole family, both swimmers and parents. Each family is expected to volunteer for 4 shifts during the summer swim season. One volunteer position is usually one-half of a swim meet.  If your child attends Champs, each family will need to volunteer an additional shift during Champs.

Below are some of the volunteer positions that are required for EVERY swim meet:

COMPUTER DATA ENTRY/STATS: Working at the scoring table, enter swimmer times and results into our computer.

READY BENCH: The Ready Bench is where swimmers are organized for their events. Ready Bench coordinators help organize swimmers before their events, and assign then their pre-printed lane cards

TIMER: There are three timers for each lane. The event timers use a stopwatch to time and then record the swimmers official time.

BACK-UP TIMER: An extra timer that times every event, just in case one of the event timer's watches does not start correctly.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Take pictures of swimmers during the swim meet and upload edited pictures to the Stingrays Shutterfly site afterwards. This role counts as 2 shifts.

ROVER: A 'jack-of-all-trades' that may be asked to fill in for any of the volunteer positions at a meet.

Most of our swim meets are AWAY meets, but we will host 1-2 meets. When hosting a meet, there are ADDITIONAL volunteer positions that need to be filled, in addition to the ones above.

MEET ANNOUNCER: Working with the public address system, the meet announcer announces the upcoming events and other special announcements.

LANE RUNNER: Distributes and collects lane cards and judging slips before and after each event.

SNACK BAR: When we host a meet, we are expected to provide food and drinks for our guests to purchase. We count on these concessions to help pay for team expenses and keep our team dues low. Working with our concessions committee chairman, you will help decide what to sell, who will do the shopping, and how will the items be prepared, etc.