1. Where is practice held?  Practice is generally held at the William Woollett, Jr. Aquatics Center at 4601 Walnut Avenue, Irvine, CA 92604. The pool complex is adjacent to Irvine High School. We practice in the “diving pool,” which is located to the left as you enter the complex. If there are any changes to our practice location, we will post changes on our website home page.

  2. When does the team practice?   Practice times are from 3:00-6:00 pm. For breakdown by age group, please see "About HP Seals"/"Daily Practice".

  3. What if my child doesn’t swim well?  The Irvine Swim League is not a “learn to swim” program. All swimmers must be able to cross one length of a 25-yard pool without assistance. The pools in which we swim do not always have a shallow end so swimmers must be comfortable swimming in the deep end. During the first week of practice, ISL coaches will be watching swimmers to evaluate whether the swimmer is indeed “water safe” and ready to be on an ISL team. The ISL teams reserve the right to remove swimmers from the team if they are not water safe and could pose a hazard to themselves or others. Our team is not structured to provide water safety lessons.

  4. What does it cost to join your team?  2018 rates are as follows: First 2 swimmers aged 5-14 are $225, each additional swimmer aged 5-14 will receive a $100 discount. Swimmers aged 15-18 are $125 and not eligible for further discounts. There is also a $45 fee, per swimmer, to be paid to the Irvine Swim League (ISL).

  5. When is the deadline to join your team?  Registration for all returning families opens on Thursday, March 1, 2017. Registration for all new families opens on March 8, 2017 We will continue to accept registration until June 30, 2017 or until our team reaches capacity.

  6. Can I get my money back if I cannot join the team?  
    Before May 30: 100% refund of Seals registration fees less a $25 processing fee.
    May 30 – June 11: 50% refund of Seals registration fees. 
    June 12 – June 30: 50% refund of Seals registration fees ONLY IF a swimmer from the wait-list registers with HP Seals AND the ISL. If there is no swimmer on the wait-list, all registration fees will be forfeited after June 12th.
    June 30 – August 5: No refunds

  7. What if my child swims for a club team?   Swimmers on club teams must detach from their club team if they did not swim with the Heritage Park Seals during the prior season. Exceptions are if your child is 8 years old or under, or if your child swam with the Heritage Park Seals in prior years and has not joined a different ISL team since.

  8. In which age group will my child swim?  Your child’s age on June 1 of the current year will determine which age group your child will swim in. For example, if your child turns 7 on June 28, your child will still swim in the 5/6 year old age group because s/he was 6 as of the June 1st cut off date.

  9. How long does the season last?  The season starts on Monday, June 4, 2018 and ends on Saturday, August 11, 2018 with the Irvine Swim League Championships (also known as “Champs”). We also have an End Of Season Awards Banquet on Saturday night, August 11, 2018 from 5pm-9pm.

  10. How many events can my child swim in a meet?  The coaches will enter swimmers in no more than 3 individual events and 1 relay event, or 2 individual events and 2 relay events. Swimmers aged 5-8 will swim 25-yard events (one length of the pool). Swimmers aged 9 and up will swim 50-yard events and the 100-yard individual medley.

  11. What if my child does not wear the team swimsuit or cap at the meet?  Our team swimsuits, caps and t-shirts are part of our team uniform. We require all swimmers to wear their uniform to represent the Heritage Park Seals. If swimmers are not wearing the uniform, the coaches will not allow the swimmer to participate in a meet.

  12. What if my child has to miss a meet?  You must RSVP for each meet prior to the deadline for that meet. The deadline is the Tuesday prior to each meet. 

  13. Do I have to volunteer at the meets?  Yes. Please refer to the Volunteer Tab for specifics.