Volunteer Policies



The Heritage Park Swim Team is a 100% volunteer organization. It takes parental support to operate the team and conduct swim meets. Parent participation in the team's activities is a condition of membership, and each family will be required to accumulate 5 POINTS through volunteering (based upon registration).


Families will be notified once our volunteer sign up is open for registration and then you may sign up for the jobs and meets you would prefer to work. The volunteer registration section of the website will be opened shortly after the Mandatory Parent Meeting held in May. Each job has a point value. Typically a job will equal one point and will last approximately 2 hours, or half of a swim meet, and are easy and fun to do. We will do everything we can to honor your volunteer requests, however, during the season, we may occasionally need to ask you to change meets and/or job assignments. Families who do not sign up prior to season start will be assigned jobs by the Volunteer Coordinator.


Of course we recognize that plans change. If you find that you cannot work a meet that you have agreed to work, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. Your replacement will receive credit for working the shift, and you will be asked to work another shift at another meet. As a result, trading shifts is the best practice. Whatever you work out, it is imperative that you inform the Volunteer Coordinator of your plans as soon as you are aware.



Each family is required to submit a $100 volunteer security deposit check. THIS IS NOT AN OPT-OUT FOR THE VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENT. For the first volunteer shift missed, the deposit check will be cashed. For the second shift missed, your swimmer may be removed from the team. All checks remaining at the end of the season will be shredded.



For additional questions about volunteering, please email