General Team Information


To provide children, ages 5 through 18, a safe environment in which to enjoy the instruction, competition, and camaraderie that comes with swimming on a recreational summer swim team.



To help swimmers learn and/or perfect their swim strokes and techniques while practicing for and participating in friendly competition with other local swim teams.



To encourage swimmers of all levels to do their best, coaching them through challenges and rewarding their successes. To teach sportsmanship and encourage positive relationships between swimmers, parents, coaches, and the community.



The Heritage Park Swim Team is a member of the non-profit Irvine Swim League (ISL). The league’s mission is to provide the organizational structure for a recreational, developmental summer swim league for youth who live in Irvine, with an emphasis on water safety, stroke instruction, and individual improvement.

Teams affiliated with the ISL include both homeowner association and city teams, and are governed by the rules of the ISL. For more about the ISL, including a complete set of ISL Rules, Bylaws, and/or Meet Guidelines (to which the Heritage Park Swim Team abides), visit the league's website at



The Heritage Park Swim Team's primary means of communication with its member families is via email. During the season, families should check their email at least once or twice per week for time-sensitive team announcements. Families that do not have access to email should advise the team's registrar upon registration so that an alternative means of communication can be established.



The Heritage Park Swim Team reserves the right to publish photos of all Seals swimmers and their families on the team's website, the team's Facebook page, the ISL website, and the OC Register or Irvine World News. If your child's photo is selected for publication in the newspaper, their full name and team will be published with their photo. Most photos are contained within a password protected photo gallery. Families that do not wish to have their photos published online may let the registrar know upon registration.



The Heritage Park Swim Team does not rent or sell its members' information to anyone. Members' contact information is made available to board members and coordinators only as necessary for the completion of a specific task or job.