Apparel/Uniform Guidelines

Click here for the Heritage Park Seals Apparel Portal


  • HP Seals team suit
  • HP Seals team cap (caps CANNOT be ordered online and will be available for purchase from the team.)

PRACTICE: Children should wear a practice swimsuit (not a Seals team suit). For girls, one-piece bathing suits are highly recommended. Swim shirts may be worn to protect swimmers from the sun. 


MEETS: Swimmers are expected to wear an official team swimsuit (one-piece for girls; jammer or speedo for boys). All swimmers are also required to wear an official team cap. Apparel is available for purchase online at the above link. Suits and team apparel are non-refundable.



NECESSARY EQUIPMENT: Personal goggles and swim fins are necessary for practice sessions. Goggles are recommended for meets. Please label all items with your child's name in permanent marker!


For apparel questions, please email