Frequently Asked Questions

How well does my child have to swim to join the team?

We have swimmers of all levels. At minimum, your swimmer must be water safe and be able to swim from one end of the pool to the other (25 yards).


What times are practice? When is the first meet?  What is the schedule for the season?  

Please refer to the team calendar.


How many practices per week does my swimmer have to attend?

We have practice Monday through Friday but we do not take roll.  We encourage your swimmer to come to practice as much as possible.  Obviously, your swimmer will improve the more s/he comes to practice but we are not strict with how often s/he comes to practice.


What equipment will my swimmer need?  

Team suit, goggles, team cap (latex is included with registration and personalized silicone caps are available for an additional charge during registration - 2 personalized with last name for $28, if minimum team order of 15 sets not met, money will be refunded). We have kick boards at practice.  

What if my swimmer can’t make it to a meet?  

Let your swimmer’s coach know so your swimmer will be taken off the roster for that meet. ISL rules state that “to be able to swim in a championship meet, a swimmer must be a league member in good standing and have participated in at least two dual or tri-meets AND four events cumulatively during the current season (excluding any “pentathlon” or other non-regular season meets)”.

What is the Championships meet and does my swimmer need to quality in order to participate?

At Champs, ANY swimmer can participate in one (1) individual event of their choice, and possibly a relay if needed.  Swimmers with qualifying times may participate in up to three (3) individual events (with qualifying times) and one relay event.  Said differently, if your swimmer hasn't qualified in any stroke, s/he can still participate in one individual event of his/her choice and one relay, if needed.


How can I help streamline swimmer check-in?

Click here to view instructions.


How do I commit (RSVP) for swim meets?

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