Our Mission

Knights have the COURAGE to try new things and / or to do familiar things in a different way.  Knights have the COURAGE to keep trying, to keep exploring, and to find a way to make it -- whatever IT IS -- happen.

Knights are COMMITTED to doing their best and striving for individual improvement.

Knights develop a spirit of CAMARADERIE and trust, and they support one another and fellow
ISL team swimmers. 

Team Goals:

  • Provide a healthy, active and positive environment for kids to have fun and make new friends!
  • Help swimmers improve stroke technique:  Build stronger, more confident swimmers.
  • Encourage individual growth by inspiring swimmers to set goals and achieve personal bests.
  • Encourage team growth, by supporting our fellow teammates during their swim events.

Parents can expect.....

  • Good coaching to guide the children with  proper swim technique.
  • Open communication between coaches and/or team representatives to resolve any issues.
  • A positive, yet competitive (at recreational level) environment for the children.

Parents are expected to.....

  • Participate.  This is a non-profit organization.  Successful meets require the coordination of swimmers and parent volunteers.  Please be responsible for your volunteer commitment to the team!
  • Trust the coaches with your child's welfare at practice, as well as their judgment at the meets. 
  • Be considerate and not interrupt coaches during the practice sessions.  This time should be dedicated to the swimmers, and coaches must be fully attentive to them during this time.  If you need to discuss something with a coach, they'd be happy to talk after the session ends.
  • Cooperate and be team players so we can make each meet a great event for all.

Swimmers are expected to....

  • Plan for a versatile workout.  There will be dry land exercises supplemented into the practice routines.  Please bring athletic shoes to every practice.
  • Do their personal best at practice and meets.
  • Be responsible and prepared for practice and meets.
  • Make new friends and HAVE FUN!