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Residency Verification

Residency Requirements to join the Summer Swim Team

  • Swimmer must be a Park Paseo resident, OR

  • Swimmer must be a qualifying non-resident ($75 fee for one swimmer/$100 fee for families with 2 or more swimmers applies, spaces very limited):

    • Attend Sierra Vista Middle School or Santiago Hills Elementary School, OR

    • Live between Culver/Irvine Blvd and Portola/Jeffrey

Forms of verification

The following will be accepted as verification of City of Irvine residence. Copies of the original documents must be shown to the team registrar with copies provided to the ISL registrar.

Any two documents from the list below will be accepted as proof of residence.

(P.O. Box addresses are NOT accepted)

  • Current Electric bill – both parts, top & bottom, in English or verification of electrical service connection.

  • Current Southern California Gas bill – both parts, top & bottom, in English or verification of gas service connection.

  • Current Cable bill – both parts, top & bottom, in English

  • Current Official Property Tax Forms or Income Tax Correspondence (The address to which these documents were mailed must match the address that is being used to establish residency)

  • Current Water Bill – both parts, top & bottom, in English or verification of water service connection.

  • Current Waste Management Bill – both parts, top & bottom, in English

  • Current Payroll Stub – both name and address must appear on payroll stub

  • Current Social Services documents

  • UCI Housing; an official UCI document asserting the person resides in student housing, which usually covers gas and electric.

  • If you are a renter and do not pay utilities because it is included in the rent, we will need a letter from the lessor and/or a copy of the rental agreement stating that utilities are included.

  • In the case of purchasing a home under construction, New Communities K-12 Enrollment Address Verification form may be obtained at the sales office and will be accepted as temporary residency verification.

* Note: In the event a utility service connection is used as proof of residency, then a utility bill (both parts, in English) must be provided within 45 days to assure continued enrollment.

Invalid Forms of Residency Verification

  • DMV Registration statements

  • Drivers license