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We are here to support your needs. If your questions are related to workouts, meets, events, goal setting, and other swimming related needs, please contact one of the coaches. For any other questions, such as dues, safety, or policy issues, please contact one of the board members.

Head Coach - 2019

Kyle Kim-E

Coach Kyle returns to the Park Paseo Northstars as the Head Coach for the 6th time. Previously, he served as the Head Coach from 2011-2014 and also in 2016. Before becoming the Head Coach, Kyle served the team as a swimmer, volunteer coach, and assistant coach. In 2014, Coach Kyle was named Irvine Swim League's Todd K. Larsen Coach of the Year.

In addition to coaching the Park Paseo Northstars, Coach Kyle has been the Head Coach for the boys and girls water polo programs at Northwood High School since 2015. You can view his Northwood HS coaching bio here. He is currently a student teacher at Northwood High School and is completing his Masters in Teaching from Chapman University in May.

As a proud Northstar alum, Coach Kyle is passionate about carrying on the traditions and spirit of the Park Paseo Northstars team. He is excited about returning back to the Park Paseo community and is looking forward to a fun, successful summer season.


Assistant Coaches - 2019

David Miller - Assistant Coach


Hello Northstars!  I am excited to be back for my 13th season as a swimmer and my 3rd season as a coach for the Northstars.  I am proud of our team and our commitment to the ideals of the Irvine Swim League.  I love it that we are a recreational league teaching the fundamentals of swimming with a focus on time improvements and personal bests. 

I am a graduate of Northwood High School where I competed in Varsity Water Polo and Varsity Swimming.  I am also an Eagle Scout and I do my best to live up to the scout law every day by being trustworthy, helpful, friendly, and kind.  I will be attending the University of Arizona to study Mechanical Engineering.  I will also be joining Navy ROTC and playing club water polo. 

I have First Aid, CPR, and Safety Training Certifications from the American Red Cross.  If you are interested in private swim lessons please contact me at [email protected] or 714-795-0727.


Katie Monjay - Assistant Coach


Swimming is important to me because I've been swimming since I was 5 and that led to water polo when I was 7. Without swim I wouldn't have the opportunity to play water polo in college. 


I'm proud to be a coach for Northstars because this is the team for my community. The team is more like a family which is why I love it.


It's important for me to be a coach for the kids because growing up my role models were the coaches and I want to be that for my swimmers.


My swim qualifications include 12 years of swim, 8 years of water polo, 2 year captain of the high school swim team and 1 year captain for water polo. CPR certified, water safety trained and this will be my 2nd year coaching.


Northstars is special to me because I grew up on the team. I started swimming for the team when I was 5 and I met some of my current best friends here. I looked forward to ISL every summer and now that I am a coach I feel even more excited for the summer. 


Also I would like to offer private lessons.


My contact info: 7148094945



Spencer Sellwood - Assistant Coach

Swimming is important to me for many different reasons. I have been swimming ever since I was 6 years old, therefore, Northstars has been an important part of my summers ever since I was a little kid. I met many friends while swimming for Northstars. Each summer I enjoy practicing with my fellow Northstars swimmers, and competing against other neighboring teams in Irvine. Swimming has also led me to play water polo, which I am pursuing in college at Saddleback Community College. 
Park Paseo has presented me with so many opportunities. Northstars has taught me how to challenge myself in the pursuit of 'shaving off seconds' in my races. As a volunteer coach, I realized how amazing it feels to share my knowledge of swimming with younger kids. It fills me with pride to give younger kids the same opportunities that I was given when I was younger. It also makes me proud to see swimmers of any age improve in their swimming capabilities, and have fun over the summer. 
I have been swimming for 12 years and have been a water polo player for 8 years now.  In high school, I have played on Northwood High School's varsity water polo team since my freshman year, and have swam for three years on the Junior Varsity team. The Northwood High School swim team placed 1st in CIF division 1 last year. As well as winning the State Championship. 
Northstars is special to me because I started swimming with the Northstars when I was 6 and have been on the team ever since. Being on the Northstars has been a great experience for me and I want to help other swimmers, just as my Northstars coaches helped me. At Park Paseo, we not only focus on trying make the kids swim fast, but we also provide our swimmers with an activity that they can come back to each summer, which is why myself and many others have stayed with the team for such a long time.



Hannah Miller - Assistant Coach


This is my 12th year as a swimmer and my third year as a coach with the Northstars. I am going into my senior year at Northwood High School. I am a varsity water polo player and I play in the wind symphony and the philharmonic orchestra. I love working with swimmers of all ages and I am available for private lessons. Please contact me at (714) 336-6986 if you are interested in lessons. See you on deck!


Volunteer Coaches


Dylan Green - Volunteer Coach



Swimming is something that I have just grown up with my whole life. Since we moved to the area, swimming has been something my sister and I both looked forward to every summer. It became more important to me recently when I started playing water polo this year. The ISL coach from Northstars was the one who recommended trying the sport out, and I cannot imagine my high school life without it. 
I would be proud to be a coach for the Northstars because it would allow me to give back to a community that has done so much for me. Knowing that I could have an impact, and make kids passionate about a sport I love means everything to me. 
I've always enjoyed spending time with kids, and this is a way to teach them a new skill while having fun. I am hopeful that I can impart some of what I have learned throughout my swim career to them.  I also hope to make them enjoy the sport more. 
This will be my 11th year as Park Paseo Northstar. I have played water polo for three years now, as well as swam JV for Northwood High School's swim team. 
The Northstars are a community of people that have meant a lot to me throughout my childhood. I have many fond memories of swim meets and fun swim practices with friends. Being part of the Northstars also has shaped my high school career in a way that I would never have expected. 
I'm interested in giving private lessons to those who are interested! I have given lessons for the past year and absolutely love working one on one with swimmers.



Mengshu Zhang - Volunteer Coach


Mengshu Zhang is a sophomore at Northwood High School. He has swum with the Northstars since fourth grade and can’t wait to swim another summer! Currently, he swims and plays for the water polo team at his high school.


He is excited to coach this season because it is another opportunity for him to give back to the supportive community of teachers, coaches, and instructors he grew up with, and seeks to provide the youngsters with the same experience he was able to have.


The Park Paseo Northstars is a special team for Mengshu because he was able to forge friends and lifelong memories with this wonderful team of parents, coaches, and swimmers.


Aside from swimming, he enjoys piano and violin. His other hobbies include model rocketry and competing in math and science Olympiads.


He is also interested in giving private lessons, and can be reached at [email protected]




Jake Jacoby - Volunteer Coach


This is my second year coaching on the team, but I’ve been on the north stars since I was six. I play Waterpolo and am an Eagle Scout. I enjoy hiking, camping, and video games.










Sydney Lin - Volunteer Coach

I became a Northstar at 7 years old. After loving my first season (and being jealous of my brother's age group medal), I decided that swimming was my sport. I have been swimming with the Park Paseo Northstars every year since. I currently swim with Irvine Novaquatics and my high school swim team. One of my goals since I started Northstars was to become a coach. I am excited to be coaching this year, as I have only seen things from a swimmer's perspective.






Rachel Gima - Volunteer Coach

I have been swimming for as long as I can remember, and been a part of ISL since I was 5 years old. I swam with Nova for a few years and now swim for Northwood High. I love swimming and am committed to helping every Northstar enjoy this season! 






Anshul Gupta - Volunteer Coach







If you are interested in joining our team as a paid coach or volunteer coach, please send inquiries to and [email protected].

Volunteer Coaching

The Northstars Swim Team also has volunteer opportunities for swimmer coaches. We are looking for dedicated, reliable and motivated teen swimmers, ages 15 – 18, to help our coaches at practices. Though these are not paid positions, these young leaders will earn community service hours reported to their high schools. Swimmer coaches will be expected to pay the registration fee as a swimmer on the team and their parents will still be expected to do the volunteer jobs. Working for the team in a volunteer capacity, however, may lead to job opportunities in the summers that follow. To be considered for the Northstars coaching position an individual must have been a Northstars swimmer for at least 1 season prior to becoming a coach.

More information on Volunteer Coaching Requirements:

Volunteer coaches need to complete CPR, Safety Training for Swim Coaches, and Abuse Prevention Training. They would also need to attend a registration session with ISL and complete a volunteer application.

Here’s the link for the CPR training:

There is more information about the Abuse Prevention Training at the ISL website at The online training is interactive and requires one to complete questions throughout the video.  It should take about 40 minutes to complete.  The ISL Coaches Coordinator will receive a confirmation once completed.

The dates and times for the new coaches registration are generally sometime in May every year.

Volunteer coaches also need to complete an ISL employment form even though they are considered youth volunteers.  ISL is asking that both paid coaches and youth volunteers complete the same application.