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Report 7.26

Meet Report #4 – Irvine World News (7-26-2014)

The Park Paseo Northstars came out strong against the Deerfield Bluefins on Saturday. The team recorded 144 time improvements, 91 top three finishes, and 66 ISL qualifying times.

Hannah Constandse had the strongest performance of the day, finishing first and qualifying for ISL in all of her races (girls 13-14 butterfly, individual medley, and freestyle). Eleven swimmers finished in the top three and qualified for ISL in all of their events, including Ethan Chen, Brynna Hsia, Jonathan Kuo, Sarah Kuo, Nyah Lin, Tyler Lin, David Miller, Delaney Palmer, Hannah Palmer, Andrew Teh, and Esteban Torres. Viraj Deshpande placed in the top three in all events and had one ISL qualifying time.

Marisol Chandler, Robert Chandler, Mary Grannis-Vu, Hari Raghavan and Katie Wilhelm all earned their first ISL qualifying times of the season.

The Northstars took first place in five relays, including the 7-8 medley team of Keira Patel, Lauren Kim, Tyler Lin and Jalen Hsia (1:29:85); the 9-10 medley team of Danny Kim, Brynna Hsia, Sydney Lin, and Delaney Palmer (2:32:67); the 9-10 freestyle team of Andrew Teh, Sydney Lin, Simran Patel and Ethan Chen (2:20:05); the 11-12 freestyle team of Evan Strock, Katie Wilhelm, Erin Kim and Sarah Kuo (2:15:19); and the 13-14 freestyle team of Nicole Jacoby, Samantha Wong, Michael Chandler and Alex Wilhelm (2:13:01).

The biggest time improvement of the day came from Ariana Chen, who dropped 31.65 seconds in the girls 7-8 breaststroke. Samantha Ly took off 17.27 seconds in the girls 9-10 breaststroke. Evan Bennett dropped 12.66 seconds and swam to a first place finish in the boys 5-6 butterfly.

Swimmers with time improvements in three events include Chloe Dougherty, Nicole Jacoby, Jonathan Miller, Simran Patel, Ranjani Raghavan, Julianne Saunders, Evan Strock, and Anagha Subbaraman.