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Report 7.20

MEET REPORT 7-20-2013

A little rain didn’t get in the way of a great showing by the Park Paseo Northstars as they hosted the Woodbury Waves and the Woodbridge Waveriders in a tri-meet on Saturday.  Highlighting the meet were two nearly 20 year old team records being broken by Kayla Constandse with a 26.85 second time in the freestyle and Jonathan Cooper with a 33.47 second time in the breaststroke. The Northstars posted 60 qualifying times for ISL Championships and 148 time improvements.

Qualifying times for ISL Championships in all events were made by Erin Chen, Ethan Chen, Hannah Constandse, Kayla Constandse, Sasha Constandse, Jonathan Cooper, Brian Fu, Claire Fu, Jonathan Kuo, Sydney Lin, Delaney Palmer, Hannah Palmer, Spencer Sellwood, and Jessica Wei. Those who qualified in two events were Isabel De Souza, Leonardo Giessmann, Yutong Guo, Jalen Hsia, Jonathan Miller, Andrew Teh, and Kaitlyn Wilhelm. While Samantha Andre, Julianna Dru, Brynna Hsia, Tyler Lin, and Evan Stock all qualified in one of their events.

Twenty swimmers had time improvements in all of their events: Samantha Andre, Donya Ardalan, Maya Boiarsky, Satwik Bondelepati, Chang wei Chen, Hannah Constandse, Sasha Constandse, Jonathan Cooper, Cameron Cruse, Cayla Cruse, Isabel De Souza, Mary Grannis-Vu, Yejin Heo, Lauren Kim, Delaney Palmer, Shinhye Park, Shivani Pasricha, Evan Strock, Samantha Wong and Lisa Ziti. A number of Northstar swimmers had impressive time improvements in one or more of their events.  Sean Ly improved 46.29 seconds in the butterfly, Chang chun Chen cut 42.27 from the boys 9-10 100 Individual Medley, Lisa Ziti shaved 28.18 seconds off the girls 11-12 100 Individual Medley, Noah Villanueva improved 26.68 seconds in the breast stroke and Trevor Cheng took 26.03 second off  the breast stroke. There were several swimmers who posted double digit time improvements: Satwik Bondelepati, Robert Chandler, Addison Desmond, Anshul Gupta, Yejin Heo, Jalen Hsia, Lauren Kim, Kristie Lee, Nyah Lin, Shinhye Park, Erika Strock, Evan Strock and Kent Ziti.

The following Northstar swimmers had time improvements in at least two of their events: Sahiti Bondelepati, Ellen Cassity, Joshua Chao, Viraj Deshpande, Lauren Dougherty, Abigail Foster, Yutong Guo, Nicole Jacoby, Alix Laroche, Isabelle Laroche, Amy Lee, Tyler Lin, Jonathan Miller, Chloe Muller, Delaney Palmer, Hannah Palmer, Julianne Saunders, Jodi Wei, Alexander Wilhelm, Kaitlyn Wilhelm and Brian Wong.

These swimmers had time improvements in one of their events: Marisol Chandler, Bhargavi Deshpande, Sarah Dougherty, Alexander Dru, Julianna Dru, Brian Fu, Claire Fu, Philip Giglia, David Grannis-Vu, Brynna Hsia, Dean Knoell, Shubham Kulkarni, Veronique Laroche, Angelyn Le, Sydney Lin, Samantha Ly, Sumukh Mahesh, Genovese Pintor, Joshua Sellwood, Spencer Sellwood, Jared Strock, Andrew Teh, Christian Throop, Jessica Wei, Mengshu Zhang and  Zhongwen Zhang.

Also contributing to the Northstar team were Emma Apgar, Laila Ardalan, Alice Chen, Chloe Dougherty, Jake Jacoby, Ava Lefebvre, Hannah Miller, Cailen Muncy, Keira Patel, Renee Reed and Kyler Yu.