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Parent volunteers are the backbone of our team. Unlike any other organized youth sport, the importance of parent volunteers is even more essential to a swim team. The success and culture of the team is directly correlated to the volunteer commitment and positive attitudes of our parents. For example, aside from pre-season and extra-curricular team activities, it takes approximately 100 parent volunteers from two swim teams to make a meet function well. Usually these swim meet shifts take only 2 – 2 ½ hours, and they are easy. It’s an opportunity to set an example for our kids, have fun, socialize with neighbors and make new friends!

Volunteer shifts are set near the beginning of the season, but occasionally the team may ask parents to help with an additional shift in the event of a special event or unforeseen circumstance. If you are unable to fill your pre-scheduled volunteer shift, please remember per the team’s Parent Obligation form, it is each individual’s responsibility to find their own replacement. Any questions or changes in the volunteer schedule must be arranged and cleared in advance  our team Volunteer Coordinator. 

Thanks in advance for your time, your help, and positive attitude as we all work together to make this a great season! Let’s have fun!


Website instructions:

Make sure you are logged into your account.

Pick a meet/event/party and then click job signup:

Pick a time slot and then click the signup button:

You can click print for the summary of all the jobs you signed up for at the end of signing up.


Put a phone number and then click signup:





Examples of Volunteer Coordinators and activities below (Job Descriptions provided in the Team Handbook):


-Saturday Set-up

- Break-down

- Ready Bench

- Lane Timers

- Swim Card Sorters

- Lane Runners

- Statistician

- Awards & Ribbons

-  Volunteer Coordinator(s)

-  Registrar

- Fundraising & Sponsorship Coordinator

- Swimsuit & Apparel Coordinator

- Head timer



- President

- Vice President

- Treasurer

- Facilities and Meet Manager

- Secretary

- Support