Team Sponsors
Volunteering Policy


Our Volunteers are the backbone of our team's success over the years. The Quail Hill Swim Team (QHST) is a volunteer organization. It takes parental support to successfully operate the team and conduct swim meets. Everyone doing their part makes everything operate more efficiently- and we all have more fun! Parent/Guardian participation in the QHST’s activities is a condition of membership. (Only families that pay the fee for exemption during Registration are an exception - limited buyouts). We will also be collecting a deposit of $350 from each family. Coordinators or those that buy out do not have to provide a volunteer deposit. In the event the family does not fulfill their volunteer requirements as outlined below, we will not return the deposit and their swimmers will be excluded from further team participation in both practices and meets for the current and future seasons.

Each swim meet is divided into a first half and a second half. Jobs last approximately 2 - 2 1/2 hours and are easy and fun to do. One adult member of each team family is expected to work a certain amount of shifts (typically 5 shifts) during the regular season, as well as at Championship Meet (August) or one setup/breakdown shift. We will try our best to honor your preferences for volunteer assignments, but these cannot be guaranteed.

Also, we appreciate your willingness to help out with additional events during the season to help them go more smoothly. We try to make the jobs as easy and as fun as possible while providing a way for us all to get to know each other better.

Since this is a team sport, all are asked to participate in the “Champs” Meet in August.

Of course, we recognize that plans change. If you find that you cannot work a meet that you have agreed to work, it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement. Your replacement will receive credit for working your shift, and you will be asked to work another shift at another meet. As a result, the best practice is to trade shifts. Whatever you work out, it is imperative that you inform the QHST Volunteer Coordinator via email of your plans no later than the Wednesday prior to any meet that you intend to miss for unexpected reasons.

You may sign-up for the jobs/meets at which you would prefer to work, and we will do everything we can to honor your requests, however, we cannot guarantee all preferences can be accommodated. During the season, we may also occasionally need to ask you to change meets and/or job assignments. If you absolutely CANNOT have a change made to your assignment(s), let us know. Families who do not sign up for the required number of shifts will be assigned jobs by the Volunteer Coordinator(s). These are all subject to change depending on our volunteering needs. We will have a better idea of our needs after the season starts June 1. 

Others are counting on you and not showing up causes unnecessary delays for both teams. Please reach out to us if there are extenuating circumstances. We are open to resolving any issues.