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Parking in Quail Hill


The QHST in an effort to maintain a positive relationship with the HOA and the QH residents we would like to encourage visiting teams to find parking in the Quail Hill Community Park (QHCP) located at 35 Shady Canyon Drive. If you have gear and tents to unload we kindly ask that you come to the commons pool location to unload and then drive your vehicle to QHCP.

Park in the first parking lot nearest the basketball courts and the Athletic Office and restrooms area. Then take the path to the back of Field 1 towards the homes and access the walkway towards Passage and the Commons pool.

The QHST leadership strongly discourage anyone from parking at the bottom of the hill on Passage. This area is a no-parking zone and will not have any parking variance to allow parking during meets. If you park on Passage below Nightshade you are at risk of getting a parking ticket by the city of Irvine. 

Parking is also available in areas around Quail Hill that are close to the pool and does not violate any parking rules.