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Code of Conduct


It is the goal of the Quail Hill Swim Team (QHST) to provide a positive atmosphere where children learn safe swimming with proper techniques and fair play through friendly competition in a team setting. Winning swim meets is a secondary goal. We wish to emphasize the importance of being a part of a team, and not an “individual sport,” and encourage all swimmer and parents to be encouraging and respectful to all others on the QHST –building confidence and bringing out the best in every swimmer. The QHST will emphasize that children be praised and rewarded for good behavior, personal accomplishments, and positive attitudes.

It is important that parents, other family members, and friends set a good example for swimmers, and create a friendly, positive atmosphere for the team. This takes the form of respecting meet officials and their authority during swim meets, not disrupting others during practices or meets, and taking the time to speak to coaches about individual needs or lessons, if needed, at an agreed upon time outside of practice. It also includes refraining from negativity and gossip, and being respectful of others personal space and time. Constructive criticism and concerns should be expressed first to the Team President, or other Board Members. We need everyone's help to keep the QHST one of the most positive, friendly teams in the league. Should a parent or swimmer engage in negativity, bullying, use of profanity, aggressive behaviors, gossip or anything considered inappropriate behaviors,  recourse may be instituted including restriction, suspension or permanent removal from the team at the discretion of the board after a formal complaint has been filed and reviewed.

The behavior of all swimmers and QHST families reflect upon the team and the Quail Hill community. The team strives to be a positive influence within the community. The QHST has also worked hard to establish a positive relationship with the QH Home Owners Association. The actions of the QHST members, for better or worse, impact the team’s standing and future ability to use the facility.   

  1. My family (swimmers included) will remember that children participate to have fun and that practices and meets are primarily for the benefit of the children. We will do our best to show positive attitudes.

  2. My family will observe all Quail Hill Community rules while participating in swim activities. This includes:

    —   Observing and obeying the no parking zones on various streets surrounding the Quail Hill HOA Pools.

    —   Not leaving minors who are not participating in swim team activities unsupervised at practices and swim meets. Example: You may not leave your 7-year-old child at the pool without adult supervision while your 13 year old participates in practice. The team coaches cannot provide childcare services for the 7 year old. All swimmers need to be picked up after practice, or be under the supervision of a responsible parent, or appointed adult while at the pool.

         —   Observing all pool regulations as described on the pool area placards and in the              community’s CCR’s.

  3.  Swimmers must follow the instructions of the coaches.

  4. No swimmer should leave their practice session at the pool until the session is completed unless prior arrangements have been made with the head coach to leave early.

  5. To ensure workout continuity, each swimmer should be dressed in a swimsuit, on deck and ready to swim at the beginning (preferably early) of his/her designated workout period. A late swimmer may be kept from participating in that day’s workout until his/her inclusion can be made without disrupting the other swimmers.

  6. While at practices, swim meets, or other events, each swimmer/family member should be respectful and courteous. Swimmers/family members shall not use inappropriate or abusive language at team activities. Swimmers should not sit or lean on lane lines as this causes damage to the cable. Swimmers shall not use illegal substances of any type, nor conduct themselves in a manner considered by a coach to be disruptive or dangerous  to the swimmer or others. Swimmers shall not participate in acts of theft or be insubordinate to any coach.

  7. A coach may dismiss a swimmer or parent/guardian from a practice or the team at his/her discretion for activities including, but not limited to, swim ability and/or behavioral issues. A swimmer or parent/guarding may be suspended from team activities by the QHST Board. A swimmer/family may also be permanently removed from the team at the discretion of the QHST Board, and/or disallowed from membership in the subsequent season.

Irvine Swim League Parent Code of Conduct - click to read. Parents are subject to this code of conduct as well.