Team Sponsors
Returning Family Registration

Online Registration for Returning Swimmers - March 25th.

1) Update all information.

2) Swim Team Policies

Agreement to swim team policies is a condition of membership.

3) Volunteer Shifts

Volunteering is a condition of membership unless you have chosen the volunteer buy out option. Because of the failure of many families to fulfill their volunteer obligations we are forced to resort to collecting a volunteer deposit check up front from each family with the exception of coordinators. In the event the family does not fulfill their volunteer requirements, we will not return the deposit and their swimmers will be excluded from further team participation in both practices and meets for the current and future seasons.


4) Purchases

Volunteer buy out or sponsorships. Consider finding a silver sponsorship.  For one silver sponsorship, one swimmer of the sponsored family will get a free Quail Hill registration (this does not include ISL fee of $50 and the free registration will be the lesser amount if there is more than one swimmer)Team swimsuits are required.


5) Fees

         $250 per resident swimmer if paying by check

         $230 for additional resident siblings if paying by check

$50 Irvine Swim League fee per child (it is not included in the above fees)

$350 mandatory volunteer deposit check will be collected. This will be shredded at the end of the season once all volunteer obligations have been fulfilled. If you are a coordinator or did a volunteer buyout, you do not need to submit a volunteer deposit check.  These checks are not deposited, unless a volunteer shift is missed. Clear communication around this is upheld throughout the season. At the end of the season, we shred the checks that are still in the safety box.

You can pay with Credit Card online. Additional processing fees apply.  If paying by check, choose check at checkout and please make checks payable to "Quail Hill Swim Team".  

In order for registration to be considered complete, ​ALL required paperwork and information including payment must be submitted by April 12th. Your spot will not be secure once we open preregistration to new families on April 13th. We are allowing new families to pre register online this year. So whatever spots we have where registration is not complete, we will release to the public.


6.Siblings New to Team

Siblings new to swim team must provide a copy of a birth certificate per swimmer (copies of passports are accepted only if the last name matches the parent residing in Irvine). They must also submit two different proofs of Irvine residency. Make sure you drop these off along with your payment. Their registration will not be accepted by Irvine Swim League (ISL) if this is not provided. New siblings must also attend tryouts.

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