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The Lawrence Swim Team (LST) was created in 1977 to provide the community of Lawrence with an instructional and competitive swimming program. LST fosters an atmosphere of sportsmanship, character, and achievement through hard work and goal setting.

We are a “competitive swim team” focused not only on winning but also on developing swimmers as individuals, students, and active members of the community.

Swimming is arguably the best sport around as it requires both skill and aerobic endurance. LST provides each age group level with purposeful and effective training directed by a knowledgeable and caring coaching staff. LST has a low swimmer to coach ratio that allows for effective learning and quicker progression of attaining skills by providing continuous feedback. The best way to get better at swimming is to practice. Therefore, the more your child shows up for practice, the more they will learn and progress.




GROUP COACH:  Jennifer Hill

GROUP EMPHASIS: This is the first competitive level of the Lawrence Swim Team. The main focus of the group is on teaching the fundamentals of the five competitive strokes by means of drills and games which are both instructive and fun. Starts and turns are introduced at this level along with the emphasis on learning how to practice as a group and follow the coaches' instructions. Coaches will continually educate the young swimmers in proper practice routines and habits. Competitions are introduced at this level.

AGE GUIDELINES: Swimmers generally range in age from 5  to 10.

SUGGESTED ATTENDANCE: In general, three 90 minute practices are recommended per week.

SKILL REQUIREMENTS: Swimmers must be able to complete 25 yards of freestyle and 25 yards of backstroke under a supervised tryout by one of the LST Age Group coaching staff.



GROUP EMPHASIS: The main emphasis of this group is on proper technique in all five strokes, as well as starts, relay starts and turns through the use of drills and correct practice routines. There is an increased emphasis on learning how to practice as a group, basic interval training (pace and speed control) and learning how to read the pace clock. Some basic dryland exercises, such as push ups, abdominal work and medicine ball training are incorporated into their daily practices.

AGE GUIDELINES: Swimmers generally range in age from 8 to 12.

SUGGESTED ATTENDANCE: Three practices are recommended per week. Practice sessions usually run for 90 minutes.

SKILL REQUIREMENTS: All swimmers at this level must be able to legally complete 25 yards of all five competitive strokes and be able to do basic starts and turns.


GROUP COACHES: Melanie Pulley

GROUP EMPHASIS: The main focus of this group continues to be technique, with an increased emphasis on learning to train, understanding more complex interval swim sets, as well as a solid knowledge of the pace clock. This group will also start to train with an aerobic training base in mind which will be an important aspect for future development. Dryland training includes , Body Weight Training, Core work, Yoga, Pilates, tubing and medicine ball work, Running.

AGE GUIDELINES:  Swimmers generally range in age from 11-14.

ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS: Swimmers are expected to attend four to five practices per week and each practice session usually runs for 90 minutes.

SKILL REQUIREMENTS:  Swimmers in this group must be proficient in all four strokes, starts, relay starts and turns. The coaching staff determines the readiness of the swimmers for this level of the team.



GROUP EMPHASIS:  All previous technical instruction will be continued and advanced. Swimmers will be introduced to higher levels of training, providing a strong background on which to build on and prepare them for the Senior Group. Dryland training continues to be an important aspect of their practice routine.

AGE REQUIREMENTS: Swimmers generally range in age from 12 to 14.

ATTENDANCE EXPECTATIONS: Swimmers are expected to attend five to six practices per week. Each practice session usually runs for 120.

SKILL REQUIREMENTS: Swimmers must be proficient in all five strokes, starts and turns. The coaching staff determines the readiness of the swimmer for this level of the team.


GROUP COACH: Tom Burchill (Head Coach of LST), Melanie Pulley, Kris Houchens

GROUP EMPHASIS:  This is the highest level within LST and provides motivated athletes an opportunity to train seriously and prepare for higher levels of competition. Dryland (out of water) training is an integral aspect of the senior program. The dryland program includes early season running, complex exercise circuits, Yoga, medicine ball, tubing, pilates, core work, body weight exercises, flexibility and weight training.

AGE REQUIREMENTS:  Swimmers generally range in age from 14 up to and through the collegiate level.

ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS: All practices are required. Each practice session runs between 2-3.5 Hours.


The above information represents how LST structures its competitive program from novice to Senior level athlete.  Regardless of training group,  long term development is a primary focus for all swimmers.

Assignment and movements to new groups are determined by the coaching staff. Group movement traditionally occurs in August (at the conclusion of the long course season) and in April (at the conclusion of the short course season). At times, the coaching staff will have a swimmer transition to the next level group before a season is complete. The purpose of transitioning is to help the swimmer become acclimated to the next level of the team. 

Swimmers who make any championship level time standard (Divisional, State, Sectional, National, etc.) are required to attend that meet, including as members of  LST relay teams.