Parent Volunteer Policy

Village Park Piranhas is a volunteer-run swim team. Our volunteers make it possible to keep our fees low, for swimmers to learn/enhance strokes,?forge friendships?and, not to mention, have a?fun?summer!



The Piranhas swim team is comprised of volunteers committed to creating a fun, supportive and safe activity for our children. ?The faces of our volunteers look like parents, grandparents, older siblings, nannies, and dedicated family friends. We work together to ensure all positions are filled to operate swim meets, provide oversight at practice in compliance with the Village Park Community Association, and provide services to our swim families. None of this would be possible without the participation of every swim family.

  1. Each family must perform volunteer jobs that equal 8 points. Volunteer sign ups will be available electronically prior to the start of the season.

  2. When you sign up for the team you must provide a $50 Volunteer deposit check made out to the Village Park Piranhas. One per family.

  3. Include this check with your paperwork for Residency Verification/ Age Verification and drop all items in the lock box OUTSIDE on the building wall of the Village Park Community office, 4552 Michelson Drive, Irvine or in the mail slot in the garage door at 52 Cedar Tree Lane.? When the Volunteers Coordinator verifies your volunteer obligations have been met, the check will be destroyed.

  4. For each job your family fails to fulfill the $50 check will be cashed and the swimmer may not return to swim team until another $50 volunteer check is provided for the swim season volunteer deposit. If your family completes your volunteer assignments without incident, the uncashed $50 deposit check will be shredded at season end. Note that the Village Park Piranhas is a charitable organization so your payment will be considered a donation.

  5. If you cannot work one of your job assignments, it is your responsibility to find a replacement worker, and to report your switch to the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible before the day of the job. A replacement worker may be another family member of legal working age, or a paid teenager per your arrangement and cost. If your replacement worker completes your job assignment then your volunteer obligation for that job assignment will be met.

  6. Fulfilling a job assignment means starting on time and leaving when the job assignment ends. For example Gate Duty goes from 3:15 pm until 6:15 pm. You will need to be there for the entire time to fulfill your obligation.

  7. If your check bounces you will be responsible for paying any associated bank fees.