NASA Booster Club
NASA Wildcat Booster Club
P.O.Box 323, Winnetka, IL 60093


The NASA Booster Club is an organization created by and for parents of NASA Wildcat Aquatics swimmers. The purpose of the club is to provide support for the team, to enhance team spirit, and to manage and operate the team meets. In order to be successful it is very important that we have very strong parent participation. The club is organized around four specific functional areas.

1. Fund Raising
The objective of this area will be to enhance the experience of each swimmer on the team and to support various team spirit activities.
We can meet out fund raising challenge through a variety of efforts, which includes
- A program / Heat Sheets for each of our meets
- Concession sales and admission fees at each of our meets
- Increasing the number of meets we host each year, possibly including Illinois State Championship level meets

2. Meets
An important function of the NASA Booster Club is to run meets efficiently and professionally. Well-run, well-organized meets also enhances our fund raising efforts. As part of meet administration, we need individuals to head up key meet functions such as the scorer’s table, timers, admissions, the bull pen, concessions, and officials.

3. Administration
The NASA Booster Club handles many non-coaching administrative functions, which frees up more time for our coaches to do what they do best - coach our swimmers. 

4. Team Spirit
The final area of focus for the NASA Booster Club is to work with the coaches to coordinate the activities that will enhance the total "NASA experience."


The 2019-20 NASA Wildcat Aquatics Booster Club board members are as follows:

President                        Betsy Moerschel (

Treasurer                      Gene Amromin (

Secretary                        Judy Rose (

Vice President                 Ken Divelbess (

Volunteer Coordinator​     Alison Handley ( 

Members at Large           Ginny Daut, Kristen Novelline, Julie Cutler, Angie Musick, Fon Sundaravej and Jennifer Marquardt                                                 

The Booster Club Board meets approximately the second Tuesday of every month. Our upcoming meetings for 2019 are currently scheduled for:

February 12th;

Meeting time/place: 6-7 PM, in the classroom across from the elevators at SPAC.

All members are welcome to any meeting of the Booster Club Board.

Proposed agenda items may be sent to Judy Rose at

Financial Info

Please see "Booster Club Minutes" for financial information

Reimbursement Form for meet and social events