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NTA is proud of its Alumni competing for their colleges around the country in a variety of sports! 
All NTA/NTSC Alumni are asked to bring a window cling to post up on the office window regardless of if you are in a collegiate sport!
If you are competing for your college,
please bring an autographed swim cap for the Hall of Fame - Est 2019!

Year Name College
2017 Tommy Barr University of Minnesota Swimming
2017 Sam Yavitt San Jose State Water Polo
2017 Henry Yavitt Air Force Academy Water Polo
2017 Pierson Ohr Cornell University Swimming
2017 Ean Vandergraaf Drury University Swimming
2017 Charlie Scheinfeld University of Texas Swimming
2017 Vivian Wu University of Chicago Swimming
2017 Shannon Kearney N.C. State University Swimming
2017 Margaret Guanci Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Swimming
2017 Ryan Gridley Northwestern University Swimming
2017 Patrick Gridley Northwestern University Swimming
2017 Lily Kurzydlo Northwestern University Swimming
2017 Ariela Katz Denison University Swimming
2017 Sydney Colburn Univ. of Miami-Ohio Swimming
2016 Sara Nicholas Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2016 Ingrid Wall Harvard University
2016 Nathaniel Guenther Fordham University
2016 Dan McGowan Fordham University
2016 Mia Hagerty Bucknell University
2016 Jack Walter Cornell University
2015 Julia Green Kenyon University
2015 Hope Hayward Indiana University
2015 Murphy McQuet Princeton University
2015 Will Kinsella Bucknell University
2015 Danny Brooks Lehigh University
2014 Grace Ford Bucknell University
2014 Connor Fotsch Eastern Michigan University
2014 Kara Lucenti Vanderbilt University
2014 Christine Ryan Georgetown University
2014 Matt Weiser Occidental University
2013 Jack Dina Bates University
2013 Denver Freeman Bucknell University
2013 Madeleine Jardeleza University of Pennsylvania
2013 Riley Hayward University of Southern California
2013 Reed Malone University of Southern California
2013 Jack Mangan University of Michigan
2013 Stephanie Marchuk Indiana University
2013 Jessica Sutherland   Duke University
2013 David Tao Emory University
2012 Isabelle Baneux  Connecticut College
2012 Max Grodecki     University of Louisville
2012 Brendan Hulseman St. Louis University
2012 Samantha James  University of Virginia
2012 Max Krueger  University of Denver
2012 Sean Mayfield University of Illinois-Chicago
2012 Morgan Scott University of Pennsylvania
2012 Sam Skinner Duke University
2012 Lena Smith  College of Wooster  
2012 Nels Snyder Williams College
2012 Lauren Stone Washington & Lee University
2012 Dan Whitcomb Dartmouth College
2011 Maria Adams DePauw University
2011 Caroline Conklin Duke University
2011 Matt Gagne Bates College
2011 Keri Golembeski   Tufts University
2011 Madeleine Klichowski Northwestern University
2011 Megan Marchuk University of Illinois
2011 Matt Scherer University of Chicago
2011 Ashleigh Stoddart Amherst College
2010 Caroline Costley Colorado College
2010 Sam Metz UC Berkeley
2010 Anders Peterson Colby College
2010 Connor McCurrie Carthage College
2010 Linc Rhodes Bowdoin College
2010 Stephen Wimmer University of Kentucky
2009 Andrew Buehler Bates College
2009 Michael Dominski Yale Unversity
2009 Will Gagne Austin College
2009 Joe Jeffers Columbia University
2009 Kathryn Lee Colby College
2009 Ryanne O'Donnell University of Michigan
2009 Kate Shumway University of Southern California
2009 Liz Stein Brown University
2008 Elizabeth Clarke Villanova University
2008 Catherine Conklin Duke University
2008 Emily Dominski Yale Unversity
2008 Jared Dubnow Emory University
2008 Mandy Ferguson Colby College
2008 Tom Lillard Wittenburg University
2008 Matt Lipoff Bates College
2008 Daniel Raynard Johns Hopkins University
2008 Betsy Webb Stanford University
2008 Michael Wilson University of Colorado
2007 Elora Apantaku Colgate University
2007 Ashley Grodecki Gustavus Adolphus College
2007 Stephen Pendleton Florida State University
2007 Walker Peterson Amherst College
2007 Liz Stetson Villanova University

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