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As there are many travel restrictions and requirements surrounding this holiday season we feel it is best to document our memberships travel in order to be able to communicate, upon their return to Illinois, what to expect.

If you and your family are planning on traveling out of the State of Illinois we are requesting you fill click the link provided below.

NTA Holiday Travel Log 

CLICK HERE for the 2021 Spring Break Policy

In the event a family member becomes sick, please notify the staff immediately and please self-quarantine for 14 days as well as try to get testing done.
Physicians Immeadiate Care does not require symptoms to test and has the Rapid Result available, however you must arrive early to get a test and you may need to wait awhile. 

Workouts may be canceled and facilities may be closed depending on the level of contact and exposure, but we need to do our part for our community to stay safe! 

Please notify your coaching staff in the event of travel to a hot-spot state, so that upon returning home and eventually to the pool, the staff can still limit some interaction with other athletes. Athletes are encouraged to attend the online programming during their quarantine. 

City of Chicago Travel Guidelines

Cook County Travel Guidelines

Remind your athlete that they must stay masked, stay 6ft from people and wash hands. 

Who should quarantine? 

How to quarantine? 

FAQs on Hot Spots

What happens if I have been in a hot spot state, but during my travel/quarantine the state is taken OFF the list on Tuesday? 
The list goes into effect on the following Friday, so athletes will be able to return to workouts the Friday AFTER the state is pulled from the list.

What happens if I am traveling and my state gets added to the hot spot list while I am gone? 
If your state is added to the list while you are gone, or if you are currently traveling and are in a hot spot state - unfortunately, you will need to self-quarantine for 14 days so that we can comply with county and local guidelines. If you are currently traveling and are in a hot spot state this weekend, you will need to quarantine for 14 days. Please let the coaching staff know. Online programming will still be available. 

What happens if I am traveling and my state gets removed from the list while I am gone? 
We will ask that you stay with a 72-hour self-quarantine, just to be on the safe side. Unless that encompasses the Friday that the list goes into effect. 

What if I promise to just stay with my family or in our personal housing? 
Unfortunately, the travel guidelines do not allow for this distinction and therefore neither can we, if we are to stay in compliance. Athletes will need to comply with a 14-day quarantine. 

What if I have a negative rapid test upon my return? 
This virus has a potential incubation period of 14-days and therefore, an athlete can test negative upon return but can become positive up to 14 days after exposure. Athletes will need to stay out of in-person programming for 14 days from date of return. 

What if one of my family members tests positive during the quarantine, but the athlete stays separate from them? 
Unfortunately, the athlete must continue to stay quarantined from 14 days from the positive test of the family member and we will evaluate the situation on a case by case basis as well as consult with local medical practitioners. 

What if I am traveling from one of my residences to another that might be in a hot spot state, but I have no intention of leaving my property? 
County guidelines do not offer us the wiggle room to allow for grey areas in travel. If families are traveling to a state that is a hot spot, regardless of lodging OR DURATION, athletes will need to self-quarantine for 14 days upon return. 

What if a parent has to travel for work to a hot spot location? Does the athletes need to quarantine?
At this time, athletes will not have to quarantine if a parent travels. However, the parent (if they stayed in the hot spot state for more than 24 hours) should self-quarantine and monitor themselves for symptoms. Should the parent develop symptoms, the athlete should suspend practice attendance immediately and begin a quarantine. 

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