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Meet Entry Procedure

Follow these steps to commit your swimmer to a meet.

1) Login to your account on the NTA website. Your username is the primary email address you gave for your account, and your password was emailed to you when you registered. If you don’t know your password you can request it by clicking on the link on the Login page.

2) Click on “Meets” located in the information bar across the top of the homepage of the website directly under the NTA Banner.

3) On the “Meets” page, locate a meet for which you want to register your swimmer. Click on the “Attend this Event” button located under the meet name.

4) On the “Event Signup” page, your swimmer(s) listed under “Member Name”. To register a swimmer for this meet, click on that swimmer’s name.

5) On the “Athlete Event Signup” page you will have a drop down menu labeled “Signup Record”. This menu gives you the choice to say yes or no to this event. Choose “Yes, Please sign up [athlete name] for this event”.

6) Once you make that selection, you will see additional meet information allowing you to choose which sessions for which you wish to register your swimmer.

7) Put a check mark in the box next to the sessions for which you wish to register. You also have the opportunity write a note about your registration for your coaches. When you are done, click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.

8) Repeat this process for any other swimmers you wish to register for this meet, or return to the “Meets” page and repeat this process for any other meets for which to register your swimmer(s).

9) For every meet for which you have registered your swimmer(s), please click on the “Job Signup” button under that meet name and see if there is a need and opportunity for you to support your swimmer by volunteering at that event. The NTA Parent Volunteer Policy states that you can be required to work at any meet for which your swimmer is registered.

Once you register for any meet, you are responsible for the fees for that meet unless you remove your registration for the meet from the website prior to the registration deadline.