Board of Directors


Marisa Torre

Past President

Nora Larkin


Brent Michael


Kathy Perry


Eric Vandergraaf

VP - Officials 

Marcia Srivastava & Peter Ohr

VP - Meet Operations

Graham Reid

VP - Social

Simone Brown and Judy Berkley

VP - Volunteers

Eden O'Donnell

Head Coach/CEO

Alexis D. Keto

Past Treasurer

Athlete Representatives

Ean Vandergraaf

Joelle Ohr*

This email is checked infrequently, please be patient with response time

*Joelle is also one of the athlete representatives to the Illinois Board of Directors

Athlete Leadership Committee
Meets once per quarter with Athlete Representatives
Athletes on the committee were selected by the coaching staff based on exemplary team leadership, communication skills and commitment to the NTA program. 

Senior Representatives
Bo Barrett - Water Polo
Marc Hagist
Greta Pelzek
Maddy Reed
Evan Rittner
​Kasey Umlauf - Water Polo

Age Group Team Representatives
Kate Graham - A Levels
Megan Meade - Jr Level
Will Newlands  - Jr Level
​JP Soukoulis - A Level