Fundraising for PAWW

Schnucks eScrip Shopper's Card Instructions:

1. Pick up an eScrip Community Card at the Schnucks store.

2. Go to and register your card. You can all also call their 800 number at (800) 931-6258.

a. You will be asked to enter your zip code, then click continue.

b. Fill in the required information (name, email, new password for eScrip account), click continue.

c. Type “Peoria Area Water Wizards” in the search box. Select our team from the drop down list. Click the check box select button next to our team name, click continue.

d. Click on the Select Card drop down arrow. Go to the bottom and click See More Cards.

e. Click on the Select Card drop down arrow again and select the Schnucks eScrip Card option. Enter the card number and a phone number. Click continue.

f. Make sure the information displayed on the screen is correct and complete the registration.

3. Show your card to the cashier when you check out and you will earn up to 3% of your purchase for the team!

Kroger Shopper's Card Instructions:

1. Go to

2. If you already have a Kroger Community Rewards account (this is different from just having the Kroger card), sign in. If not, then click Create an Account.

3. Follow the instructions to create your Community Rewards account.

4. Once your account is created, you will be able to register your Kroger Plus shoppers card. Click on the “Add Card” button under the “Plus Card and Alt ID(s)" section.

5. Enter the Card Number and your Last Name. Click Save.

6. Click on the “Enroll” button under the Community Rewards section.

7. Enter the required information and click Save.

8. Enter our teams number, 62238, and click Search.

9. Select our team and click Enroll.

10. Have your Kroger card scanned when you check out and you will earn money for the team!

Amazon Smile:

We are excited to announce our newest fund raising opportunity! offers a fund raising opportunity for Not-For-Profit organizations such as PAWW.  The program is called Smile and is extremely easy to use.  You can do the same shopping AND help PAWW at the same time!  A percentage of every item you buy will be donated to the team by

If you already have an account, you do NOT need to create a one and you have access to all of the same merchandise for sale on  All you need to do is logon to using your existing Amazon account information.  If you are new to Amazon, then you will need to create an account.  When you logon to for the first time, it will ask you to specify an organization.  Simply type in “Peoria Area Water Wizards” in the search box and click the search button.  Then, click on the “Choose” button next to PAWW.  You are all set and ready to start helping our team. 

This program is another opportunity for all of our families to help the team simply by doing the same shopping on you already do.  Just remember, you have to shop using is very important.  You still have the ability to buy anything you normally could on Amazon, but now you are helping the team at the same time.  Pass this on to all of your friends and family and they can help PAWW while they shop as well.