Dryland Training

The Rockford Marlins Swim Club dryland training program is specifically developed with the swimmer athlete in mind. Dryland programs used in combination with in-water training have been proven to increase the swimmers’ performance in the pool, and to help decrease the chances of injury through various strength and injury prevention exercises.

During dryland, athletes participate in a series of exercise routines designed to increase strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and stamina. Swimmers will also learn about the important role nutrition plays in achieving their overall goals, including what to eat before, during, and after competition to maximize performance. 

Ages 10-Under

For our youngest athletes, the primary focus is on coordination, balance, flexibility, and core strength. This is accomplished through a variety of body weight exercises, with major emphasis placed on strengthening the core muscles. Core muscles are the foundation in creating a strong body, thus resulting in better performance and reduced injury risk.

Ages 11-14

At this stage, athletes will begin to focus on increasing strength, conditioning, and stamina in the upper and lower body without the use of heavy weights or equipment. Athletes will engage in various strength exercises with the use of weighted balls, explosive drills, resistant bands, boxes, and body weight movements.

Ages 15-Over

To achieve high-level results in the pool, athletes at this stage must focus on becoming stronger in all primary strength and conditioning aspects such as flexibility, core strength, stamina, and upper and lower body strength, with an increased emphasis on speed. This is accomplished through various strength exercises with the use of weighted balls, explosive drills, resistant bands, boxes, and body weight movements, placing a big emphasis maintaining proper technique. Athletes will also engage in a variety of running movements and drills designed to increase kicking speed in the pool.


In addition to traditional dryland training, the Marlins also offer a weekly Yoga program for our athletes, developed by Swimmers Edge Yoga

Why do Swimmers Need Yoga?

Swimmers are tremendous athletes. Not only do they train hard in the pool, but the best of them engage in challenging dryland programs to build strength and endurance.  

Yoga is an excellent way to connect a swimmer's rigorous dryland training to the work he or she does in the pool. Yoga builds on  swimmer's strength training by adding a flexibility and stabilizing component and promotes the mind/body connection, giving swimmers more control of their increasing strength when they are in the water.

Yoga also actively encourages recovery with intelligent stretching and restorative postures that help prevent injury and ready a swimmer for his or her next training demands.

Yoga develops mental preparation, relaxation and breath control, all crucial for race day as well as to navigate seasonal workout demands.