Rules & Regulations


Most of the following rules are commonly observed in all swimming pools and make use of common sense. A few are only observed at the Riviera Club and are necessary for insurance protection or to accommodate the Club facilities. Below are chief rules proven to be essential through many years of swimming experience.

  1. All food and candy must be consumed in the enclosed picnic area. No food or candy is permitted around the pool.
  2. Alcoholic beverages and drugs are not permitted on club premises. Smoking is restricted to the parking lot areas.
  3. Rafts, inner tubes, water wings, styrofoam bubbles etc. are not permitted in the Big Pool. Use of these items is restricted to the Junior Pool area. Masks and snorkels are not permitted anywhere.
  4. Balls permitted for recreation are sponge-type “Nerf” balls and beach balls. Water Volleyball and Basketball are available for check-out for use in the designated areas. Balls must never be carried or thrown from the slides or the diving boards.
  5. No feet allowed on the blue bars. No diving off of the blue bars.
  6. 6 foot lanes are for lap swimming only. “Circle” lap swim is advised. Kickboards may be used in lap swimming.
  7. Only adults supervising children age 6 and under in the Baby and Junior Pools are permitted in those areas.
  8. Children using Baby Pool slide must be supervised by an adult. Diving from pool sides is not permitted in Baby and Junior Pools.
  9. Please, no feminine hygiene products or diapers in toilets.
  10. The right to refuse admission is reserved, when it is deemed to be in the best interest of other swimmers (infections, ringworm, unacceptable behavior, etc.).

Swimmers are subject to the rules and regulations of the Board of Health:

  1. Cut offs, gym shorts, or undergarments are not allowed.
  2. Dunking, pushing, or rowdy behavior is not permitted.
  3. Carrying swimmers on the back or shoulders is not permitted.
  4. No profane language.
  5. No running on the pool deck or on and off the diving boards.
  6. No glass articles. Parents: please transfer baby food, milk, etc., into plastic containers. Coolers and bags may be checked at entrance of pool.
  7. Never flip towels.
  8. Never call “Help” unless in distress.

Alcoholic beverages are only permitted in the Main Dining Room with specific permission and will be provided by authorized private caterers only. Unauthorized alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are not permitted on the premises. Any member violating this rule will surrender all privileges.

Any transfer of a membership card to permit a person other than the member to enter the club grounds and enjoy club privileges shall be sufficient cause for cancellation of the membership.