Swim Info

Why Swimming?

Swimming is one of the best sports for children. There are many benefits to getting your child involved in the sport of competitive swimming, including:

  • promotes physical development
  • develops aerobic endurance and is one of the most beneficial forms of cardiovascular exercise
  • enhances a child’s natural flexibility, develops coordination, and promotes muscle development
  • is the most injury-free of all children’s sports
  • promotes time management and is one of the top academically achieving sports
  • promotes strong work habits and individual improvement
  • develops other life skills, such as self-discipline, tolerance, teamwork, and leadership

Why Me?

Because it’s fun, and we need you! It is fun to be a part of a group that shares common goals and works together to reach those individual and team goals. You do not have to be a top-notch swimmer to excel at the sport. You do need the desire to be the best that you can be, strive for personal bests, and reach your potential.


1. Do I have to be a good swimmer to join the team?
All you need to be able to do is swim 25 backstroke and 25 freestyle.

2. Do I need a team?
Yes! The best way to learn your swim strokes is on a team. It is a lot of fun learning with others. You also become a member of USA Swimming and Indiana Swimming.

3. How do I get started?
We hold swimmer evaluations to help us place swimmers into appropriate groups. Group evaluations are often held in April, June, August, and September. However, individual appointments can be made at any time through out the year. Contact Therese Love at 

4. What if I’m involved in other activities?
The Rivi coaches understand that many swimmers participate in other activities. Practices are usually offered five to six times a week to allow for more opportunities to participate.

5. Are swim meets held every weekend?
No, and it is up to each individual family how many meets you participate in based upon your schedule and level of commitment. Sign up for meets on an individual basis online at the beginning of the season or prior to each meet deadline.

6. Is there a lot of travel involved?
Most of our meets are in the Indianapolis area. We do offer travel trips to other areas, but all are optional.

7. Where are practices held?
All practices are held in our pools. On special occasions, additional practices may be scheduled at the Indiana School for the Blind or the IUPUI Natatorium. A monthly practice schedule is also published.

8. Do the boys have to wear “Speedos"?
No. Although they are still around, most boys opt for the knee-length “jammer.”

9. What is the cost?
In addition to Riviera Club membership dues, the cost is based upon the group to which your swimmer is assigned. Swim Team fees, combined with membership dues, are very competitive and affordable.

10. Who does the coaching and what are their certifications?
We have a staff of professional, experienced coaches who love what we do. We are the best! We are all certified through USA Swimming and are required to maintain CPR and Coaches Safety & First Aid. Plus, we have other opportunities for coaches' continuing education and professional training.