The Riviera Club, Inc., founded in 1933, is a member-owned 501(c)(7) non-profit private social and recreational club.  Rivi (as it is affectionately called) is known throughout the country for a first-class, year-round swim program and its historic competitive swimming program, the Riviera Swim Team.  We offer a guided age-group youth program for children age 5 and up, from the beginning swimmer to the most competitive and skilled swimmer.  Rivi swimmers have gone on to Olympic competition and gold medal success!

When a young person becomes a member of the Riviera Swim Team, he/she learns the values of sportsmanship and team work. Swimming, through the Riviera Club and Swim Team, provides physical, emotional, and intellectual skills that will last a lifetime.  Riviera Swim Team membership is only open to members in good standing of the Riviera Club.


The Mission of the Riviera Swim Team is to develop the character traits, technical skills, and intense desire necessary for maximum realization of each individual's potential.

The team philosophy is one in which allows swimmers to participate fully.  Our aim is to develop the whole swimmer, maintain a quality swim program, and prepare young athletes for the challenges of life through their involvement in swimming. 

One of the wonderful aspects of swimming for a USA club is the fact that full participation is possible.  Once a swimmer has mastered a few basic skills, he or she is eligible to compete, set goals, and try to go as far as their talent, commitment, and desire will allow.  At the same time, a swimmer on a team receives the full benefits of a team concept and team effort.  Thus, the swimmer enjoys the best of both worlds.  He or she is involved in an individual sport where progress is important and rewarded and, at the same time, is involved with a team where good sportsmanship, discipline, team support, and effort are equally rewarded.

Head Coach Therese Love’s goal for the coaching staff is to set the practice schedule so that she can maintain contact with all aspects of the team, from lessons to the senior swimmers.  Our practice schedule will allow assistants to work with or be visible to the older swimmers.  The advantage of this arrangement is that all the staff is able to maintain a perspective as far as the team goes, and the swimmers learn to accept other authority and benefit from different approaches and methods that still are goal-oriented to the same outcome.  Therese believes that all the swimmers at Rivi are made more comfortable with this arrangement and the bonus is that hopefully there is little trauma when a swimmer is moved from one group to another.