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Group Descriptions

VSC Group Description

Swimmers may be able to advance to a higher level at recommendations of coaches.  However, Head coach has final decision on group placement and group changes.  Swimmers will move up when skills, techniques and mental readiness are mastered.  Moving up to a higher group may incur an increase in registration fees.  



  • Must not have fear of water

  • Must be able to do minimum one length (any stroke) without stopping, touching bottom of pool, or holding side of pool

  • Must be comfortable swimming with face in water, and being submerged, progressing to bilateral breathing pattern

  • Ability to listen and follow proper behavior both on deck and in the water

  • Will learn all four competitive strokes, flip turns and open turns

  • Progression of forward dive from starting block

  • Have fun while learning new skills

  • Begin goal setting

  • Swimmers are encouraged to try 1-2 meet this season-usually conference, and feel comfortable competing in minimum freestyle and backstroke event



  • Must be able to swim all four competitive strokes, legally, or with minimal stroke refinement

  • Swimmer must display mental readiness during practice: listens to coaches, pays attention and follows instruction, stays focused during swim sets and strives to complete as designed

  • Able to do underwater kicking past flags

  • Use proper coordination and timing on strokes

  • Goal setting-work on competing in all four strokes in competition

  • Introduction to endurance and sprint training-expect to swim distances of >400 during practice

  • Mastering skills in starts and turns

  • Swimmers should strive to maintain 75% attendance.  Attendance is used to determine relay spots and entry into certain meet events.     

  • Participation in invitational meets while striving for Divisional Times and beyond.  Coaches may add other events/strokes for swimmers to compete in and achieve times in, and may include longer distances events if appropriate.  

  • Introduction and use of interval swimming

  • Swimmers will strive to swim at practice:

10x50 freestyle 1:00//4x200 freestyle on interval without stopping



  • Advanced techniques and mastering of all competitive strokes

  • Focus on competitive edge and time standards

  • Strong mental focus

  • Must be self-disciplined during practice, during competition and understand appropriate goal setting

  • Increase in yardage, intensity, endurance training

  • Encouraged 85% attendance, including Saturday practice and double practices when applicable

  • Goal times should be looking towards Championship Meets-Divisionals, State, Zones and beyond

  • Must be well rounded swimmer in all strokes/distances-Coach may enter swimmer in variety of strokes/distances in meets to get times

  • Must be able to balance school and swimming schedule

  • Outside strength training or cross-training is recommended

  • Should be able to swim in practice:

    10x50 on :45//6x100 free <1:30//4x500 free <7:15//2x400 IM on interval