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Valparaiso Swim Club



Competitive Excellence

-Summer & Winter Mid-State Qualifiers 2011 through winter 2016.

-Individual 11-12 High Point Trophy along with Multi State Champion Medals and awards. VSC accomplished surpassed many TEAM goals in the 2016 Summer and Fall season with the help of hardwork and team effort! The 10&under Team and 11-12 year old teams achieved success both at State and Divisionals this year. 

- 2016 Fall & Summer Season 11-12 NWI Girls Conference Champions , Fall 2016 2nd place NWI Boys 10&unders Conference Champs

-Meg Calumpang- 2016 Winter Season (SCY) Indiana State 11-12 State Champion 500 Free

- Meg Calumpang- 2016 Winter Season (SCY) Indiana State 11-12 State Champion 100 Fly 

- Meg Calumpang- 11-12 year old team---2016 Winter Season, makes Speedo Sectional Times in Individual and Relays with Janine Holleworth, Hannah Shepherd, Grace Karbler, Shannon McCall and Nicole Cespedes.

- Successful 2016 State Meet - 10&Unders, 11-12 and 13&U proved to be mentally strong and capture great time drops and hardware to bring home!

- 2016 Sectional and Future Teams made

- 2015-16 Boys 8&U make State Team

- 2015-15 Season - VSC Holds 26 TOP TEN RANKED Times in Indiana

- Home to the 2013-14 Winter Season (SCY, short course yards) 10&Under Girls -Indiana State Championship Team

- Home to the 2014 Summer Season (LCM, long course meters) 10&Under Girls -Indiana State Championship Team

- Home of the 10&Under Girls Indiana State RECORD holder in LCM 100 Fly, Meg Calumpang. This record was broken in the summer of 2014 and has stood since 1984.  Meg was also the individual high point winner in her age group at IN Summer State.

- Meg Calumpang- 2014 INDIANA (lcm) Summer STATE Champion in  100 Free, 50 Fly, 200IM, 50 Free, 100 Fly and 200 Free.

- Home of the 2014 Indiana State Summer Open Water Champion 10&Under Girls, Shannon McCall

- USA Swimming Club Level 3

- Club Record Breakers: Every season our swimmers repeatedly break and re-break pool records for VSC.

- Central Zone Qualifying—Every Season swimmers qualified to represent Indiana against other states in the region. Meg Calumpang is Zone Champion in 200 Free and 100 Fly, also scoring a high point trophy for Team Indiana

- Speedo Sectional Swimmers --Qualifiers every season and 4 Relays in Womens division.

- Indiana State Medal Winners—swimmers place in top ranks at state and continue to grab top medal honors and the Indiana State meet in Summer and Fall Seasons. Many State Champions over the past 5 years.

- VSC’s newly formed Open Water team placed in the top 10% at 2014 Indiana Open Water State meet and 2014 Open Water Zones. 2015 VSC placed 2nd & 5th in the Womens Mile and 2nd in the 10&under Boys Age Groups!!

- State Swimmers—VSC swimmers routinely qualify for the elite Indiana State Meet and the number of qualifiers increases every season.

- State Relays—VSC team qualifies with multiple relay teams within age groups for the elite Indiana State Meet—(often A, B and C relay teams per event)

- Divisional Swimmers—a growing number of swimmers have qualified for the highly competitive NWI Divisional Swim Meet and then progress into State cuts.

- Meet Honors —(Individual and Team)  VSC swimmers continues to earn earn Age Group High Point Trophies at invitational swim meets (honoring the top swimmers in each age group) The team has won numerous 1st-3rd trophies at invitational meets.  Our travel team consistently earns team and individual top awards while competing in surrounding states of Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio.

- Team Honors—VSC regularly wins trophies as one of the top teams at invitational meets, including our Girls 10&U winning the 2014 Summer STATE MEET, 2013-2012, 2013-2014 Winter Conference Championship, and the 2013 Summer Conference Championship. VSC 11-12 Girls won Summer Conference Championship in 2013. The boys 10&Under team placed 2nd in 2014's Winter Conference. Our overall VSC Girls Team (all ages) has recently placed a close 2nd and our overall VSC Team continues to place 3rd at Conference--getting closer to second every season-- Our 10&U girls team has won the last 4-5 seasons in high point.

- Futures Meet Qualifiers- This meet is above Sectionals, new to the National circuit ,

Coaching Excellence

-Head Coach selected for Coaching Staff for TEAM INDIANA at 2016 Midstates

-Coach Lisa Starkey was chosen to be Lead Coach for 9-10 age group and Asst. Head Coach of the Indiana Team for Zones summer 2015

-Approximately 70% of team members have made Divisional, State, or Zone cuts since Coach Lisa Starkey joined the VSC staff

- Lisa and her staff have coached the 10&U Girls team to win the Indiana State Meet in back-to-back seasons, a rare occurrence, in 2013 and 2014

- Each Fall Season has brought high numbers again to Divisional and State Championships

- Coach Lisa was named NW Indiana Conference Coach of the Season for 2011-2012

- Coach Lisa was nominated for the 2010-2011 Developmental Coach of the Year for Indiana

-Head Coach chosen to coach the First Divisional IN/USA Swimming Camp-Catch the Spirit with Tony Young.

- Head Coach is member of the American Swim Coaches Association and continues to update education yearly, and is currently a level 3 Coach. We have brought our rating up to Level 3 with USA Swimming, based upon achievements as a team and individuals.


We are a great team of coaches, continuously creating and developing an amazing team of swimmers.