Time Standards
Time Standards for Meet Entry
  • This sport is all about striving to achieve faster performance times.
  • Time standards can provide goals for swimmers to work toward daily.
  • Striving to "get to the next level" is what our WAVES culture is designed to support.
  • Meet entry qualifying times are called "time standards," or "cuts."
  • Higher level meets have faster cuts.
  • Some meets have SCY cuts, others SCY, LCM, & SCM cuts, some only LCM cuts.
  • High level meets have a 'qualification period' with entry times only since a stated date.
  • Click on links below to see pdf documents with time standards.
Want to Make the USA National Team?    2018-2019 roster how to qualify for 2019-2020 
Want to Make the National Junior Team?  2018-2019 roster how to qualify for 2019-2020
Want to Contribute to our Club Excellence Team Goals? 2019 Junior Nationals cuts
Want to Make Scholastic All-America? 2019 Winter Juniors cuts
Meet Entry Qualifying Time Standards  
2020 Olympic Trials - Omaha, Nebraska times since Nov 28, 2018
2019 Junior Nationals - Palo Alto, California times since Jun 1, 2018
2019 U.S. Open - Atlanta, Georgia times since Jun 1, 2018
2019 March Sectional meet at IUPUI (lcm) times since Jan 1, 2018
2019 IL summer Senior championship meet (lcm) times since Feb 1, 2017
2020 IL winter Senior championship meet (scy) times since Feb 1, 2017
2020 IL 14-u age group championship meet  
2020 Y State meet  
2019 Y District meet  
2017-2020 USA Swimming B-AAAA times  
WAVES time standards for meet entry (longer events)