IMX Points

IM Xtreme Challenge
The IMX Challenge, with its two components, IM Ready and IM Xtreme, is a motivational program where swimmers are scored on their performances in a combination of five or six events. The purpose of the program is to promote versatility in age group swimming while advocating greater participation and development across a range of events that are integral to long term success in swimming. By encouraging swimmers to swim a variety of events, we hope to avoid any tendency to specialize in narrow selection of events at a young age.

Program Description
Swimmers participate in a designated combination of five or six events and, based on the power points scored for each of those swims, earn a combined score that is called the IM Ready or IMX score.

My USA Swimming Page
We strongly encourage all swimmers to create a FREE web account. This will allow access to their personal My USA Swimming page! If a swimmer has already swum the event combo for his/her age level, the IMX score and ranking now appears in a special section of the swimmer’s My USA Swimming page.

The only place to access an overall IMX Score, as well as the swimmer’s current best score for each IMX event, is on that swimmer’s personal My USA Swimming page. Other features of this special page include a display of personal best times and corresponding power points, a list of meets participated in, a graphical display of times info, seasonal and lifetime best comparisons, in addition other member only features.

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