Academic All America


WAVES Scholastic All Americans

These athletes are recognized by USA Swimming for their achievement in the classroom and the pool.

High school students with 3.5 gpa in 10th, 11th, or 12th grades, and achieving SAA time standards.

2017 season

  • Grace Ariola, junior, 2nd year
  • Sidney Kennedy, junior, 2nd year
  • Noelle Peplowski, junior, 2nd year
  • Melissa Pish, junior, 2nd year

2016 season

  • Grace Ariola, sophomore, 1st year
  • Hannah Boyd, senior, 3rd year
  • Sidney Kennedy, sophomore, 1st year
  • Noelle Peplowski, sophomore, 1st year
  • Melissa Pish, sophomore, 1st year

2015 season

  • Hannah Boyd, junior, 2nd year
  • Hannah Sakaluk, senior, 2nd year
  • Spencer Penland, senior 1st year

2014 season

  • Hannah Boyd, sophomore, 1st year
  • Hannah Sakaluk, junior, 1st year
  • Katelyn Sauder, junior, 1st year

2013 season

  • Justin deDianous, junior, 2nd year
  • Michael Wolfe, junior, 2nd year

2012 season

  • Lance Bergmann, junior, 1st year
  • Justin deDianous, sophomore, 1st year
  • Michael Wolfe, sophomore, 1st year

2011 season

  • Bethany Steffes, sophomore, 1st year

2010 season

  • Matt Frey, junior, 1st year

2009 season

  • Monica Drake, senior, 3rd year
  • Josh Davis, senior, 3rd year
  • Lindsay Gendron, junior, 2nd year
  • Shaun Wolfe, sophomore, 1st year

2008 season

  • Lissa Tommerdahl, senior, 3rd year
  • Monica Drake, junior, 2nd year
  • Lauren Eytalis, junior, 2nd year
  • Caitlin Hamilton, junior, 2nd year
  • Lindsay Gendron, sophomore, 1st year

2007 season

  • Lissa Tommerdahl, junior, 2nd year
  • Katie Childs, senior, 1st year
  • Monica Drake, sophomore, 1st year
  • Lauren Eytalis, sophomore, 1st year
  • Caitlin Hamilton, sophomore, 1st year

2006 season

  • Emily Hanson, senior, 3rd year
  • Kali Boaz, senior, 1st year
  • Lissa Tommerdahl, sophomore, 1st year

2005 season

  • Emily Hanson, junior, 2nd year

2004 season

  • Emily Hanson, sophomore, 1st year