Group Descriptions

The B.R. Ryall YMCA Swim Team offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the B.R. Ryall YMCA Swim Team to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities. Ages are determined by age at next Championship Meet.

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Athlete Progression Grid


Discovery: Find out about swimming

White: The introduction to competitive swimming group. Athletes will learn the 
basics of the 4 strokes and will progress towards swimming them legally, then 
Requirements: 6 years old. Basic understanding of Free and Backstroke, must 
be able to swim a 25 without stopping.
Gear: Short Fins

Blue: The focus of this group is to begin the transition from learning to 
implementation. The focus will remain on fun and technique. Athletes will be 
learning such things as basic sets, reading the clock, and lane etiquette
Requirements: 7 years old. Consistently legal 100 IM, including turns. 50 free 
with bilateral breathing and flip turns.
Gear: Short Fins, Pull Buoy or Kick/Pull

Imagination: Learn to Dream Big

Bronze: The introduction to training group. Focus will be on learning to love the 
work needed to swim fast at the later stages. Athletes will start to learn advanced 
concepts such as race strategy, Interval Training, and learning different speeds in 
practice all while reiterating proper technique.
Requirements: Minimum age 9 years old. Consistently legal 100 of each stroke. Maintain 50% 
attendance for course of the season. Complete a 200 free in a meet.
Gear: Short Fins, Pull Buoy or Kick/Pull, TYR Catalyst Paddles

Gold: This group is focused on training. Athletes will be expected to know their 
goal times and race strategies and replicate it in practice. Athletes will also be 
expected to know such things as stroke counts, threshold paces, and proper 
Requirements: Minimum age 10 years old. Consistently legal 200 of each stroke. Maintain 
65% attendance for course of the season. Complete a 400/500 free and 200 IM in a meet.
Gear: Short Fins, Pull Buoy or Kick/Pull, ,TYR Catalyst Paddles, Training Snorkel, 

Prepare: Hard Work Works

Senior: This group is for High School aged athletes who wish to continue 
their swimming career but do not yet ​have the necessary ability level or have not expressed the commitment required to be in the BRYALL ELITE training group. Athletes 
in this group may be invited to compete in Y-Nationals and/or other team travel competitions based of performance and attendance.
Requirements: ​Minimum age 14 Years Old. Capable of swimming a 50 
without stopping.
Gear: Short Fins, Pull Buoy or a Kick/Pull, TYR Catalyst Paddles, Training Snorkel


Senior Elite: This group is for athletes with a commitment to high end swimming. 
Athletes will be introduced to such concepts as cruise pace, Anaerobic Threshold, 
Resistance Training, and Lactate Tolerance. Athletes are also expected to do extra 
work on their own outside of practice time and maintain the necessary grades 
to swim at the collegiate level. Training will be focused on YMCA Nationals, USA 
Swimming Junior Nationals, and Olympic Trials.

Requirements: ​Minimum age 13 years old. Must maintain an 75% 
attendance over the course of the season. Numerous other performance metrics.
Gear: Short Fins, Pull Buoy or Kick/Pull,TYR Catalyst Paddles, Training Snorkel 


The descriptions listed above are general guidelines; final group assignment will be at the discretion of the BR Ryall coaching staff based of a full assessment of the the individual swimmer. Including but not limited to... age, physical maturity, emotional maturity, previous attendance and expressed commitment.