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Swim Meet Sign-up

The coaching Staff asks for all LEXD swimmers to participate in at least 2 meets throughout the short course season and any championship meets an athlete is qualified for. We offer two team hosted meets in Lexington that are great for all age groups!

For new families:

USA swimming differs from summer league swim.

USA Swimming is constructed around putting individual swimmers into Age-Groups. Example of Age-groups are: 10 & Under, 11-12, 13-14, & 15 & Over. We attend a few meets where the 10 & Under age group is subdivided into an 8 & Under age group, as well.

In addition, in USA swimming, all age-groups participate in 50 yard races and longer. Some meets offer 25 yard races to 8 & Unders ONLY. You can see what events are offered at each swim meet by looking at the meet information document (posted when received) after CLICKING on the swim meets individual name on our website.

Meet Sign-up Procedure:

1) Login to our website (www.lexingtondolphins.org) using your account login information.

2) Click on the EVENTS tab at the top of the homepage OR scroll down on the main page.


4) Click on the swimmer you would like to commit. Under DECLARATION click the arrow and select YES. PLEASE include in the COMMENT BOX which days your kid DOES NOT plan on attending or include race suggestions. The coaches will choose what events swimmers will compete in. Then click SAVE CHANGES.

5) You should receive a confirmation e-mail after you sign-up your athlete(s).

If you want to take your swimmer out of the meet BEFORE the online deadline has expired, just go back to the EVENTS tab, click on EDIT COMMITMENT, select swimmer, click arrow again and select NO, save changes. MEET INFORMATION can be found by click on the swim meets NAME.

How to look up your swimmer’s events:

Once the coaches have assigned events and approved them, then you can look up your swimmers events. Go to the EVENTS tab and click on EDIT COMMITMENT again. All events will appear.

REMINDER: If you sign up for a meet and do not attend that meet, you will still be billed for your swimmers events.

Meet Deadlines:

Reminder emails will go out to everyone automatically 7 days before the deadline for a meet approaches. If you have already signed up for the meet, you will still get this email.  Do not worry, it does not mean you are not signed up.  The reminder emails go out to everyone, regardless of if your swimmer is signed up or not.

If there are any corrections/problems with events/entries please email Coach Cole (coachcole@lexingtondolphins.org) and your site coach.